Saco Cannon: Family Friendly Stay In the Heart of London!

Planning a trip to London can be both exciting and also sometimes overwhelming especially when you throw kids into the mix. Where do you go? What will you see? But more importantly, where will you stay? The most obvious choice might be to find a hotel near attractions, but you might be surprised to find out that a hotel isn’t the only option and it definitely isn’t always the best decision.

When traveling as a family what you really need is a home away from home. You need all the comforts that will make your trip as comfortable as possible. We all know how taxing it can be to pile into one room at a hotel with the kids and it can really hurt your budget to book multiple rooms. This is where Saco Apartments comes to the rescue!

Saco provides amazing apartments all over the city that cater to exactly what you need including a full kitchen. The apartments are beautifully decorated and have a warm and comfortable feel (just like home). Kids will enjoy having room to move about and adults will appreciate having a bedroom to themselves after a long day of sightseeing. When you really think about it, hotels just weren’t modeled around accommodating a family for longer than a few days where a Saco apartment could easily accommodate a family for weeks.

Our Saco Cannon apartment came with one bedroom and a living room space with a large pullout sofa; plenty of room for our family of four. They also include a few staples ready for you in the kitchen for breakfast. We had a full kitchen that our whole family loved cooking a home cooked meal in. Our kids enjoy cooking as often as they can so having a kitchen and some amazing British grocery stores nearby was amazing.

The Saco Cannon also provides a Sunday brunch that we were able to experience which was a great bonus. The Saco Cannon is right in the middle of London and you can easily access all of the attractions that London has to offer. Right down the street within walking distance is St. Paul’s Cathedral which I would highly recommend checking out if you have the time.

When traveling with kids another necessity I have found is having a clothes washer for all those possible little stains or spills. With a washer & dryer in the unit it made getting clothes clean so easy! Can you imagine heading home after a long trip and all of your clothes are clean already?! This feature is priceless to me as it saves so much time just washing in the evening while on our trip.

With a comfy bed, a large kitchen, and located right in the heart of London I can’t imagine a better family stay in London!

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A big thank you to Saco for hosting our family in order to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.


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