Mamas Spot 2019 Must Have Holiday Gift Guide!

It's Cyber Monday!! You know what that means... it's time to get started on your holiday shopping!

That's why I am so excited to share with you the Mamas Spot 2019 Holiday Gift Guide! I love giving unique gifts that make a lasting impression and I wanted to create a gift guide this year that will help you to do the same!

We all want to give something truly unique and thoughtful, but it can be hard to actually nail down these items when presented with so many gift options during the holidays. That’s why I am here today to help make your shopping a little easier and stress free.

All of the gifts in this guide were carefully curated with YOU (A Mamas Spot reader) in mind! I hope you will be inspired by this guide and it will help to free up your time to do the things that really matter this holiday season and spend time with the ones you love.

For Family and Home:

I am thrilled to share this first gift idea as it's something truly revolutionary and versatile! Let me introduce you to Loop! Imagine if you will the coolest digital photo frame you will ever own. Not only can you store all your photos in this beautiful device that seamlessly blends into your home, but you can also send photos, video and live video chat with the Loop app.

Instantly send your vacation photos and videos to Grandma and Grandpa or to your own Loop and they will be there for you to easily scroll through when you get home. This is the device of the year to stay in touch with loved ones in a new way that will really make them feel like they are with you. We all have family members we wish we could more easily stay in touch with and Loop makes that possible and fun! Loop is easy for anyone to use including kids that need some grandparent face time.

Multiple family members can share pictures and video to the same Loop device all with a touch of the app on their phone. This year give the amazing gift of Loop, the gift that will last all year long!  

For The Traveler:

A must have for any traveler this year is compression socks! And the best ones on the market in my opinion are FITLEGS Compression Socks! I use my FITLEGS Compression Socks on most travel days and they are a lifesaver! FITLEGS Compression Socks are specially made and gently squeeze your leg. The pressure of the FITLEGS Compression Socks helps blood to better circulate through your body which is crucial on travel days and for many they are used on a daily basis to stay healthy. FITLEGS can prevent blood clots and swelling. Head over here to grab FITLEGS Compression Socks.

These would also make a fantastic stocking stuffer!

For Parents of Small Children (3+):

I don't know a single parent that doesn't struggle to keep there kiddos healthy during the winter months, luckily if they do catch a cold you can count on Lolleez to make it a little better.

Lolleez are completely natural! And even better than that they are organic too! And the icing on the cake is that Lolleez are Non-GMO, gluten, dairy and nut free. That’s right these babies are incredibly natural! Lolleez are something you can give to your little ones with complete confidence.

these little pops are designed perfectly for little kids to easily use. They are flat and easy to enjoy. As a parent you can rest easy that with their flat, thin and round design they won’t be a choking hazard. I think this is something every parent worries about with standard cough drops right? It’s essentially giving your child a hard candy that they can easily choke on. They also have a great new mixed berry with elderberry flavor!

With Lolleez you will always know that when sick days roll around as they inevitably do you have just what your little one needs to get through it! Definitely a great gift to pass on to other parents you know! Also another great stocking stuufer idea! 

You can also find Lolleez at Target, CVS, Walgreens nationwide, and on amazon!

For the Foodie:

Aren't we all foodies at heart?! As the holidays approach I am always keeping my eyes open for great gift ideas for family and friends. With so many of us trying to eat more healthy this year it can be difficult to find just the right gift. So when I recently came across SmartBox I knew I had found the perfect gift!

SmartBox delivers healthy snacks every month all wrapped up in a box. You can make a custom box or pick a themed box from one of the many SmartBox has to offer. You even have the option to gift wrap the SmartBox for an added special touch. You have the option to ship once or many times choosing the frequency of the SmartBoxes.

If you are looking for a great snack option for your home or you want to surprise someone special with a really amazing and unique gift be sure to head over here to order a SmartBox and use the code mamas10 for 10% off!

For Yourself or That Someone Special:

Say hello to Good Clean Love! Good Clean Love works with leading scientists and doctors to develop products that support sexual health and feminine hygiene without all the nasty stuff and chemicals you find in other products. Natural products to restore and improve your vaginal health. All of the ingredients they use are listed on their site and you can see they only use the best!

Here are a couple of my personal favorite products I would recommend stocking up on:

Balance Moisturizing Personal Wash

We all know it can get a little funky down under from time to time so this is why I love the Good Clean Love Balance Moisturizing Personal Wash. I use this on daily to clean, refresh and to eliminate any lingering odors. The amazing thing about the Balance Moisturizing Personal Wash is that it does all of this while still maintaining your vaginal pH levels.

BioNude Ultra Sensitive Personal Lubricant

If you’ve made it to your 40’s without needing a good lube… kudos. If you aren’t so lucky you will definitely want to try the Good Clean Love, BioNude Ultra Sensitive Personal Lubricant. Good Clean Love has two different lubricants, but this one is my favorite. Before this product I didn’t know that it was possible to have a lube that wasn’t sticky and gross feeling. BioNude Ultra Sensitive Personal Lubricant is everything you want a lubricant to be and more! It won’t throw off your pH balance and it will keep you moisturized without feeling weird.

Treat yourself or your partner this holiday season with Good Clean Love!

For Everyone:

Want a whiter smile in 2020? You need to check out White Birch! After a short 14 days you will start to see the difference and fall in love with White Birch. With White Birch you can skip the mess of typical charcoal toothpaste brands that leave black charcoal everywhere.

White Birch is developed by dentists and clinically tested to be safe and effective for your teeth/enamel.White Birch makes an amazing stocking stuffer this year! Head over here to grab a tube for anyone on your list! Use the code WHITEBIRCH15 and you’ll get15% off your first single tube purchase! 

For Kiddos:

Green Kids Crafts provides a monthly box of hands on science and art kits that kids will flip over! I can’t think of a better gift for any kiddo on your list this year! For ages 2-10+ these amazing little boxes will keep kids captivated for hours.

Developed by teachers, crafty moms and STEAM experts (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) to support key developmental skills for kids, Green Kids Crafts products, including educational toys, STEAM kits, eco-friendly toys, and STEM kits, celebrate creativity with craft projects and activate thinking, questioning, inquiring, and original creation as kids are guided through fun science experiments. In an effort to encourage growth of the “whole child”, all of the kits are reviewed by a panel of experts to meet our Happy & Healthy Child criteria.  

Kids will be so excited to receive these boxes every month and this is truly the gift that never ends. Head over here to get someone on your list this amazing gift!

For the Snuggle Bugs:

Everyone loves to be comfortable right?! I know I do and that's why I love getting PJ's and more from LazyOne! They have an amazing selection of some of the best pajamas for mom, dad or the whole family. I absolutely love the amazing holiday matching sets for the family. Nothing makes Christmas morning more special than the whole family wrapped up in matching PJ's.

Not only are the LazyOne pajamas comfy, but they are also super adorable and stylish. Our family loves our "Don't Moose With Me" PJ's. It's now our kids favorite phrase. My son said the other day to his sister "Don't moose with me today!". LazyOne only uses the best materials for products that will last and make you want to wear them all day long.

Don't wait too late to order your own holiday pajamas! Head over today to take advantage of Cyber Monday deals!



To Wrap It All Up:

Sprinkle a little Magic onto your Christmas gifts with StickerKid. These adorable personalized labels will make any present extra special! StickerKid also has the best stickers and labels to keep everything adorable and organized. They are made to withstand any adventure your child could think of. Building the highest sandcastles in the sun at the beach, climbing tall trees or enjoying a snowy days sledding. StickerKid name labels are there to ensure all your favorites clothes, toys and sports gears come home after an exciting day at school, kindergarten or exploring. So you don’t need to worry and can enjoy the fun with your kids.

I hope these amazing items really help to get your shopping jump started! Please don't hesitate to let us know what gifts are your favorite this year! Happy Holidays!!

Some items in this guide were sponsored; as always we only promote products we love and all opinions are our own.


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