Amwell: Your secret tool to keep your family healthy!

December 2019
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With the holidays fast approaching all I have running through my brain is everything I need to get done before the big day gets here. Sometimes I forget what this season also brings something we all wish we could avoid; sickness. Its flu and cold season, it’s an unfortunate but real reality.

Luckily I have an amazing tool in my back pocket that I know I can rely on if needed. It’s so hard to see your family sick, but the thought of dragging them like that to an emergency room or doctor can be even worse. When my son was little I remember he had a bad fever so I packed him up and drove 35 minutes to the doctor to then sit in the waiting room for 30 minutes and the actual visit only lasted 15 minutes. My poor boy was even more miserable and 1 ½ hours was just getting him there and back. I remember back then I thought “There has to be a better way”. 

It turns out there is a better way and it makes doctor visits so easy you won’t believe it till you try it! I’m so excited to introduce you to Amwell, the service that makes urgent care easier. Amwell is the perfect solution to get care from the comfort of your home. This includes dealing with the nasty flu, strep throat, fever and more.

As a family that travels regularly this is also a great solution for when we aren’t in our home state. No one likes having to look up doctors and reviews when out of town. Amwell had you covered. * Amwell complements in-person care. It is not a replacement in emergency situations. It’s great for 24/7 urgent care from the comfort of home or on the go. We have so many upcoming holiday travels and I need to know my family will have the resources they need if we get sick while traveling.

(don't miss out on holiday fun due to being sick!)

As a busy working mom I just don’t always have the time to go to the doctor and during flu season we all know how fast appointments can fill up. Amwell gives you back time and energy and I think we could all benefit from that. So this season let Amwell be your secret tool to keep your family healthy and happy. Head over here to check out and get a 50% off a $69 urgent care visit use code mamasspot!

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