Speech Blubs: Speech Development That Works!

December 2019

Those first milestones for your child can always feel overwhelming. You want them to be in line with their peers and not fall behind, but it’s natural for kids to have certain areas that they struggle with and that’s where amazing tools like Speech Blubs become invaluable.

Speech Blubs is a fantastic app I recently came across that helps kids to improve their speech in a way that is positive and fun. Speech therapy can be costly and exhausting if a parent is trying to do it one on one. Speech Blubs provides a fun way for kids to get help with speech development that is affordable and easy.

What makes Speech Blubs different is that the app has other children showing exactly how to say each word and get the sounds down. Working on speech can be incredibly frustrating for kids so Speech Blubs makes it natural and interesting.

1 in 4 kids needs help with speech and language and most parents wait too long to get their child the help they need, but with Speech Blubs speech development help is available for anyone!

Communication is a huge part of the parent-child relationship and a speech delay can lead to tears and frustration in not being able to communicate needs and emotions. The Speech Blubs app is great for any child from early learners to delayed speech and special needs.

The video modeling feature is truly amazing and it’s very captivating for kids to watch other kids sounding out words. Kids learn best imitating their peers and that exactly what makes Speech Blubs so effective! You’ll find sections on colors, numbers, and shapes, creative sections for songs & rhymes, as well as lessons on body parts, animals, vehicles, jobs, foods, and much more.

Kids can also utilize filters that make practice even more exciting. The front camera on your device will be utilized to show a picture of your child turning into the words they are practicing. If they learn the word lion they will have a filter turning them into a lion! I don’t know about your kids but mine are asking all the time to play around with the fun filters on my phone, so now they can play around with filters while also learning!

In just a matter of weeks, you will start to see a difference and it will make your heart melt to see your child proud of their progress as well! Want to check the app out for yourself? Head over here to try it out free for 7 days!

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