Motherhood: Personal Care Doesn't Have to Be Optional

During the earliest days after my first child was born, I remember always being in a haze. No sleep, constant stress and always making sure her needs were met and taken care of and putting mine on the backburner for possibly another decade.

Around 10 months came and went when we decided to have baby #2. My pregnancies were far from easy and while the occasional thought of self-care popped into my head it was quickly stomped out by everything else I was doing to prepare for the baby or by how sick I felt. Once my little ones were toddlers I realized the way I was approaching my own care wasn’t sustainable and I had to do something different.

I know I am not alone in this and I even have friends that don’t have kids, but have become so busy they neglect their own personal care. I decided to start with the basics; feminine care. So often we neglect our own “vajayjay” as Oprah puts it. For us moms out there it has played a part in bringing our little ones into this world and now it needs some TLC. While you can find an overwhelming amount of products at the grocery store I can guarantee you they don’t have your best interests at heart. I did some digging and came across some of the best products out there and they natural and a perfect match for your body.

Say hello to Good Clean Love! Good Clean Love works with leading scientists and doctors to develop products that support sexual health and feminine hygiene without all the nasty stuff and chemicals you find in other products. Natural products to restore and improve your vaginal health. All of the ingredients they use are listed on their site and you can see they only use the best!

Here are just a few of the products I love and use:

Balance Moisturizing Personal Wash

We all know it can get a little funky down under from time to time so this is why I love the Good Clean Love Balance Moisturizing Personal Wash. I use this on daily to clean, refresh and to eliminate any lingering odors. The amazing thing about the Balance Moisturizing Personal Wash is that it does all of this while still maintaining your vaginal pH levels.

Rebalance pH-Balanced Feminine Wipes

These wipes are amazing for when you don’t have the time to hit the showers, but you still want to be fresh. I’m not a big fan of showering at the gym or pool since all my personal stuff is back at home so I will use these after a workout or even just on a hot day. I always keep them in my purse; ready to go.

BioNude Ultra Sensitive Personal Lubricant

If you’ve made it to your 40’s without needing a good lube… kudos. If you aren’t so lucky you will definitely want to try the Good Clean Love, BioNude Ultra Sensitive Personal Lubricant. Good Clean Love has two different lubricants, but this one is my favorite. Before this product I didn’t know that it was possible to have a lube that wasn’t sticky and gross feeling. BioNude Ultra Sensitive Personal Lubricant is everything you want a lubricant to be and more! It won’t throw off your pH balance and it will keep you moisturized without feeling weird.

If you are looking to reclaim your “vajayjay” Good Clean Love is a great place to start. Head over here to check out all of their products for yourself. And remember, self-care doesn’t have to end once you have kids be sure to take care of that amazing body!

This post is sponsored by Good Clean Love as always all opinions are my own.


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