WEYV - An Entertaiment App for the Whole Family!

If you are around my age you probably will remember on road trips just staring out the window for entertainment. Sure I had a coloring book and occasionally my mom would even play a game of tick-tac-toe with me, but in car entertainment was definitely limited compared to today’s standards. I honestly don’t know how my parents did it. I am always making sure my kids have plenty of entertainment just so I don’t want to pull my hair out by the end of the trip. How many times can you hear “Are we there yet?”

With so many resources though it can be hard to find just the right thing to entertain the whole family (except for poor dad that gets stuck driving). I don’t need my kids to play games for hours on end and there are only so many hours I can stand hearing kids movies playing in the background. What I can get behind is reading, but the kiddos aren’t always too excited about that so I use WEYV so they can get a little reading in and I can count on no complaints.

WEYV is a fantastic app that comes with music, magazines and more for the whole family. The whole family can pile into the car, bus, train or plane and count on hours of entertainment. My favorite part is that you can access the content with or without WIFI! You can rely on having all your favs. no matter where you are. This is fantastic for fellow travelers that run into many situations where internet isn’t accessible. The inflight entertainment (provided by the airlines) only takes you so far and if you travel as much as we do, you have already seen it all!

Another bonus with WEYV is that you can also invite family and friends to a private group to listen to music at the same time and collaborate on reading lists and playlists.

As an avid traveler I had to give up my magazine reading a long time ago. Packing a bunch of bulky magazines into my carryon just wasn’t practical. Travel + Leisure was one of my favs. so when I saw it on WEYV I was thrilled, I got my subscription back; this time digitally (better for the environment too)!

My kids love that they can listen to KIDZ BOP albums and WEYV has a special “For Kids” section under “Read” that contains magazines like Highlights, Cricket, Girls’ Life and Sports Illustrated for Kids and hundreds of e-books. They also have some with audio for the younger kids. Because WEYV is COPPA-compliant, kids are free to browse without running across content not suited for them. Their profile (created by you) will only allow them to access the kid friendly content.

I have found WEYV to be one of the easiest apps for listening to music as you have ability to tailor music stations, including sliding scales to set artist percentage and song popularity and filtering options to select genres and decades. I love being able to set decades!! If I’m feeling in an 80’s mood it’s all right there for me and I’m ready to grove and embarrass the kiddos!

I am definitely loving the WEYV app; I only wish I had found it sooner! If you want to check it out head over here and use the code: LOVELYLIFE18 to get two free months with no credit card required.

A big thank you to WEYV for sponsoring this review, all opinions are my own.


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