Mini Jockey Brief Keychain Deal Only $1 Shipped!!!

September 2011


I know this is kind of a weird deal... but I love anything that's tiny like this!

I think it's an after affect of having kids, anything tiny or like a baby I just find adorable!

You can get these cute little Jockey key chains for $1.00 with FREE shipping right now!

They are normally $4! Here’s how to grab this deal:

If you go through Ebates you’ll also get 4% back.  I know that doesn’t seem like much, but using Ebates adds up!

Here’s how to get the deal:

Head to Ebates to grab 4% cash back!

:: Go here if you are new to Ebates (you will also get $5 for signing up)

:: Go here if you are already a member

:: On the top left go to “Select A Store” and pick Jockey (Search All Stores)

:: It will take you directly to the Jockey website

:: Once at the site, you can do a search for 10310 (that’s the item number and it takes you straight there)

:: Add what you want in your cart and at checkout use the coupon code MINIBDAY

This will drop the price to $1 each and free shipping!!

IMPORTANT:  The first time I did this the price went back up right before checkout so look at your final cost CAREFULLY.  All I did to fix it was to back out a few pages and put the code in again. I’m not sure why it happened, but I’m

Your cash back will be in your account in 48 hours!

Thanks Cuckoo for Coupon Deals!


JCPenney: Labor Day Weekend SALE, COUPONS, and CASH BACK!

September 2011


Labor Day Weekend shopping has always been one of the BEST weekends to shop!

It is when stores are finalizing the move of summer items and bringing in the fall sales!

JCPenney is known for having awesome sales over Labor Day!

PLUS, when you use Ebates shopping mall account, you can grab 5% CASH BACK!

If you have not signed up for the JCPenney savings email, here is your chance. Watch your email for money saving offers and coupons!

The $10 off $10 purchase has been the HOTTEST coupon I have received.

Here is how you get started saving online with JCPenney this weekend:

Thanks Coupon Centsation!


All You magazine for as Low as $0.41 an issue! Hurry!

September 2011


If you’ve been bargaining for a while you know about All You magazine!!!  

It’s a magazine that’s full of coupons and they also have great recipes, tips for decorating and organizing on a budget, and other money saving ideas.  

The magazine is only sold at Walmart, and it is $2.49 per issue there. But today ShopAtHome is offering 5% cash back for purchases!

Here’s how you can make the most of this deal:

1. Log into your ShopAtHome account here. If you do not have an ShopAtHome account, you will get a $5 bonus when you sign up here.

2. Once you are logged in Click on the “Shop Now” button.

3. When you get to, search for All You Magazine.  A one year subscription is $19.97, so you get $9.98 cash back (that’s just $.83 per issue) and a two year subscription is $34, so you get $17.00 cash back (that’s just $0.70 per issue).

NOTE:  If you are also getting the $5 sign-on bonus, you will pay just $4.98 for a one year subscription ($.41 per issue)

If you already have a subscription and you take advantage of this offer, it will add more time to your current subscription!

This is a really great asset to have a couponer! You might even want to see if family members want to get you an early birthday or Christmas present! Smile

Just like with other coupons... the more the better!


HOT Printer Ink Deal!!

August 2011


I get a lot of readers all the time wondering how to save money on printer ink. 

One of my best tips is to only print in black and white. Most Stores will take black and white coupons. 

Plus, it really saves on money not having to purchase the red, blue and yellow cartridges.

Another thing you can do to save on printer ink is to purchase compatible ink cartridges for your Printer model. 

You save a TON of money that way, and they are specifically designed by a third party to fit your model.

Today only, Ebates is offering double cash back at 123 Inkjets! You can get 32% Cash Back. 

Plus, you can get 15% off your ink purchase AND Free Shipping with code CHALK123.

Here is how to do this deal:

1. Make sure you have an eBates account.2. Then, search for 123Inkjets on the Ebates site.
3. Click on their Orange “Shop Now” button and you will be redirected to the 123Inkjet’s website through a special tracking link so they can credit you for the cash back.
4. Find the cartridges that work for your printer and use code CHALK123 and complete your order.
5. Then, in about 2-3 days, eBates will put 35% cash back into your eBates account.
6. Then each quarter, they will send you a check with all of you cash back money!

123Inkjets is already pretty cheap.  You can usually get a compatible Black Ink Cartridge for only $9.00 through 123InkJets!

And for those of you who want the real thing and not a compatible cartridge, they sell those too!  And, you can get 35% cash back on your entire order- no matter what brand or cartridges you buy!

Thanks, Freebies 2 Deals!


*HOT* Entertainment Book: ONLY $1.18!!

August 2011



I always feel the more coupons the better! And I love having an Entertainment coupon book!

I know I will never use all of the coupons in it (not even close! Laughing) But I only paid $3 and I made up for more than that with just one coupon!

If you don't have one yet (or even if you do) Today you can grab one for only $1.18!!

I think it cost more than that just to have the book printed, so this is a killer deal!

Head on over to Ebates, where you can get the 2011 Entertainment Coupon Book for ONLY $1.18

With the CASH BACK of 17.5% today and the $5 sign up credit for NEW Ebates Members, this is a HOT HOT deal!

1. You will need to Login/Sign Up for Ebates
2. Search in the search box
3. Add the book to your cart
4. After CASH back and credit pay $1.18 for the 2011 Entertainment Book
*PLEASE NOTE: ONLY VALID through midnight!!

Thanks Coupon Centsation!


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