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Moms Like To Rock Too! Rock Out In the 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer!

by Heather Thursday, February 26, 2015

You know you do it, you try to hide it, you don’t tell your friends, family and you definitely don’t let your neighbors see you do it but once you are out on the open road you turn that music up and you rock out! You don’t care what complete strangers think, you’ll never see them again.  You’re a mom and you like to rock! There’s nothing quite like turning the music loud and pretending that you are the only person around. A kid-free car means no kiddie music, no old Mac Donald, no top 10 Mickey Mouse Hits, it’s time for your jams and you can listen to them as loud as you want to. The Rockford Fosgate premium sound system pumps up to 710 watts through nine speakers-including a 10-inch dual-voice coil sub-woofer with Punch Control-to deliver deep, rich bass and crystal-clear highs.

But part of what makes rocking out in your car so great is the car itself. It’s just not the same if you are driving a “mom” mobile, you know what I am talking about… uncomfortable seats, bad sound system, but just enough space for your little hooligans. Well I am here to say there is another option, an option that will make you look like the coolest mom on the block, but also comes with a killer sound system you can really rock out to. 

That option is the awesome 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer. 

At first sight I was concerned how comfortable the car would be, but once I got in the Lancer and drove it around for a bit I was amazed at how comfortable the seats were. The steering was also very comfortable and the Lancer is a super smooth ride, and you can’t forget about the Rockford Fosgate premium sound system! It will blow you away! Just sync up your phone or turn on the radio and in two seconds you will feel like you are front row at your favorite concert. Now I’m not saying you run out and buy a car just for the sound system, but that’s what’s so great about the Lancer it has that and so much more. 

My husband and I are split evenly between car and SUV I personally like a little more space and I like the option to off road while my husband loves the drive and fuel economy of a car. The Lancer happens to be a little bit of both! The Lancer has an All-Wheel Control (AWC) system that continually monitors the road and intelligently transfers power and braking to the wheels with the most traction to improve handling in even the most challenging conditions, including driving on snow or ice.

I took it off road and it handles beautifully! No need to shy away from a little off-roading, the Lancer is eager and ready to take it on. So if you are dreaming of an SUV but need to purchase a car for the cost, fuel economy or other reasons this is the vehicle for you! 

And moms you will have a sitter on speed dial so you can jump in the Lancer cruise down the road with the sunroof open and blast your favorite tunes! 

Check out more here about the 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer.  



The Fun and Easy Way to Protect Your Children's Teeth!

by Heather Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I  participated in this campaign on behalf of Scholastic I received compensation as a thank you for participating. All opinions are my own.

As a mom who has had two teeth extracted, too many cavities to remember and countless root canals I knew I wanted my kid’s dental health to be different. I want them to smile and be proud of what beautiful little smiles they have. I have always had my kids brush their teeth, but when they would only do it for about twenty seconds I would shrug it off and think “well at least they don’t eat a lot of sweets; their teeth should still be really healthy” then came one of my daughters checkups and the dentist turned to me and said “looks like she has about six cavities” SIX CAVITIES!! I think I almost fainted. I was naïve in thinking a little bit of brushing and cutting back on sweets would somehow save them from cavities. 

(I want to protect that beautiful little smile!)

I knew I had to make a change for them and we had to really focus on how long we brush our teeth. Recently I found a really cool Toothsavers app to not only help my kids get their teeth really clean, but also make it super fun!  Toothsavers has several different options for play; you can brush the characters teeth and get all the quirky items, food particles and germs off their teeth in two minutes, set up an animation for brushing your own teeth and you can also play with two players. 

This little app has been a huge help in making it more fun and interactive for my kids to keep their mouths healthy. We now as a family start the app to help us make sure we brush for two minutes and I have never seen my kiddos so excited and happy to brush, they ask almost every time if they can do it again. That’s success!! Brushing teeth would always get lost in the shuffle of the morning for us, but not anymore. What kid wouldn't want to start out the day with fun characters brushing their teeth? 

You can grab the app here for your child! 

Here are some oral health facts that should be pretty startling and hopefully will help get your kiddos oral health in check:

Children’s Oral Health Facts: 

•    Tooth decay is the single most common chronic childhood disease in the U.S.

•    Dental decay is 5 times more common than asthma. 

•    The mouth is the gateway to a person’s overall health, and an unhealthy mouth can be associated with obesity, diabetes and even heart disease. 

•    In the U.S., oral disease causes kids to miss 51 million school hours and their parents to lose 25 million work hours annually.

•    The CDC estimates nearly 1 in 4 children under the age of five already have cavities.

•    Cavities and oral infections can cause severe pain and can increase a child’s risk for dental issues and poor health throughout their lives.

•    Poor oral health can impact a child’s ability to learn, develop self-esteem and speak properly. 

•    Despite the high rates of oral disease in children, research shows that many parents lack information about oral health.

•    The Partnership for Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives recommends that you help or watch over your kids’ brushing until they’re 8.

•    Brushing for 2 minutes, twice a day can avoid cavities, dental problems, and help to have overall healthier teeth.

Pretty crazy right? So next time you send your kids off to brush their teeth make sure you go with them and together get those two minutes done. Good oral health is a habit that needs to be established while kids are young and if they see parents setting a good example they will keep up their oral health for the rest of their lives.

Does your kiddo need a little help in the brushing department? [Why pay more money at the dentist if you don't need to!] 

Want to learn more? Scholastic and the Advertising Council have teamed up to provide lessons and activities to establish strong oral health habits. 

Check out what you can do for your child’s oral health here and teachers can go here

Be sure to also check out the Kids' Healthy Mouths Campaign Facebook and Twitter for tips and great advice! 



Healthy Family Traditions with DOLE Red Grapefruit Sunrise Fruit Bowls!

by Heather Thursday, February 19, 2015

I have been compensated by DOLE for my participation in this campaign as a part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network. As always though all my crazy opinions and stories are my own.

One of my earliest memories of my grandfather is sitting down with him and enjoying one of his favorite things… grapefruit. We would wake up super early, sit down at the kitchen table, he would get half and I would get the other half. He would put salt on his half and sprinkle sugar on mine. We would then talk about our plans for the day or try to guess how long Grandma would end up sleeping in.

It was a time that I would cherish and look forward too and definitely one of the best things about sleeping over at grandma and grandpa’s. Now that I am grown and have my own family I decided I wanted to share that special time with my own kids. My six-year-old and I now sit down every Sunday and share a cup of Dole Grapefruit and some girl talk. The only difference is that now I am a busy mom and need anything that makes my life easier therefore I grab DOLE Red Grapefruit Sunrise Fruit Bowls. They are super easy and in two seconds we can be sitting down enjoying our favorite snack. It has now become a special time that I cherish with my daughter and I am so glad she shares the same love for grapefruit that I have.

February is National Grapefruit month so I have decided to change our little tradition to twice a week for this month. My daughter now can’t wait for the weekend so we can sit together early in the morning while the rest of our family is still sleeping while just the two of us enjoy our DOLE Red Grapefruit Sunrise bowls. I love that they are 100% natural and I don’t have to worry about my daughter being hopped up on sugar first thing in the morning.
I make sure to pack them on any road trips or vacations we have and they really came in handy on our last trip to Florida where we unfortunately had a 2 hour flight delay. I kept two packages in my carry-on bag and when we found out that we were going to be stuck for a while it was a quick, healthy, and easy snack for my kiddos. Airport food can get super pricey so I was so happy I had packed the DOLE Red Grapefruit Sunrise Fruit Bowls.

They also don’t need to be refrigerated so they are great for long car rides just pack a spoon and you are ready for rumbly tummies.
New DOLE Red Grapefruit Sunrise Fruit Bowls are naturally gluten free, contain no GMOs (genetically modified or engineered ingredients) or artificial sweeteners and feature BPA free packaging so you know they are a healthy snack for your family. 

I have a lot of friends that are always in a rush in the mornings and these would be great to have while on the run. They are much healthier than any other quick breakfast food and better than a lot of canned fruit that can contain sweeteners and syrup that aren’t as natural.

Be sure to join Dole in celebrating National Grapefruit Month and grab some healthy and delicious DOLE Red Grapefruit Sunrise bowls next time you are at the store.

For more information visit:



Does your family enjoy Grapefruit? Does your family have any food traditions or anything special to your family? Share with us your thoughts!



An Unforgettable Time on Martha's Vineyard With The Harbor View Hotel

by Heather Wednesday, February 4, 2015

When we recently visited New England I knew the trip wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Martha’s Vineyard. Whether you have visited Martha’s Vineyard or not it is notorious for being an amazing vacation destination. When planning a trip to Martha’s Vineyard you want it to be as perfect as possible and you need to start with a hotel that matches those expectations. When I was researching hotels on the island there was only one that struck me and I knew it was the one. Welcome to the Harbor View Hotel!

These are just a few photos on their website, like something out of a movie right?  Absolutely stunning, My photos unfortunately don’t do it justice. The colors and décor are exactly what you would expect for Martha’s Vineyard, and you are enveloped in a chic seaside atmosphere. The name couldn’t be more perfect too, first gaze into our room and my eyes were drawn to the window where I found this amazing view. It’s not often you have a beautiful lighthouse right out your window. Even if you don’t plan on staying in your room that much there’s nothing like having an amazing view to enjoy when you wake up in the morning or when you come back after a full day of fun. 

An amazing room isn’t all we got though; when we arrived we were greeted by an amazing and very helpful staff. If you need help with anything on the island they can assist you. I was very impressed with the attention to detail and how the Harbor View staff treats its guests. I never saw a staff member that didn’t have a smile on their face and they always wanted to make sure you were enjoying your stay. 

Harbor View’s Edgartown, Massachusetts hotel amenities include:

•    Outdoor heated pool (seasonal)

•    Multiple Dining Venues

•    On-Site Fitness Center

•    Complimentary Children's Activities Program (seasonal)

•    Yoga & Morning Fitness Walks (seasonal)

•    Nearby Golf

•    Five minutes walking distance to downtown Edgartown

•    Access to local biking & jogging trails

•    Private parking area

•    Complimentary Wi-Fi

•    Superb array of guest room amenities

We walked around the hotel and the beautiful grounds and learned that the Harbor View has been there since 1891. For generations families and couples have been coming to stay with Harbor View and it’s not hard to see why. Not only do they have some fantastic rooms, but they also several beautiful cottages that the whole family can stay in and onsite dining for ease. Be sure to check out my review of one of their restaurants here. 

Harbor View is within walking distance of some adorable shops and rows of iconic captain’s homes. And as you can see in my photo you are almost right on the beach, it’s also just a short walk from the bus stop if you decide not to bring your car over on the ferry. It was raining a lot during our visit so we just chilled in our room and soaked it all in, but If you visit when the weather is warm you can enjoy a delectable meal in the hotel and afterward head to the picturesque rocking chairs on the front porch and watch the sun go down. 

Martha’s Vineyard is one of those destinations that if you haven’t visited yet people will say “Oh, you just have to go!” and it’s true, you have to go. You have to experience the amazing seaside that can only be found on Martha’s Vineyard and the beauty and magic only gets better when you choose Harbor View Hotel. 

The overall standard of Harbor View is something that will have you coming back every year. If you are looking for an unforgettable seaside vacation, pack your bags and head to Martha’s Vineyard you won’t regret it. 



Elegant Pub Fare - Henry's Restaurant Review

by Heather Wednesday, February 4, 2015

If you find yourself on Martha’s Vineyard, one of the first things you will probably do is look for a place for lunch or dinner. Now if you are staying at the Harbor View Hotel you will have about 50 feet or less to go, but if you are just there for a day trip, you will want to head over for some delectable fare at Henry’s or Water Street. We recently had the opportunity to try Henry’s and experience what they have to offer.

Technically Henry’s is the hotels bar, but they have some great food as well. Right away we noticed patrons that were talking not like travelers, but locals. We spoke with them for a little bit and they told us how they frequent Henry’s all the time and that it is some of the best food on the island.

You know when it’s a local favorite that it’s going to be good. Everything looks amazing on the menu, but I love steak try as I may to order something new, different or local (like seafood) the thought of a juicy tender dripping hunk of meat always wins me over. I was delighted to see Henry’s had a dry aged ribeye with frites and it didn't disappoint, an immaculate piece of meat came out from the kitchen to greet me and I couldn't have been happier.  

I was so full and happy afterward and in that awkward, “I want dessert, but I probably shouldn't” moment, but our fantastic waiter had a perfect solution, he suggested some cookies and milk to go that we could have in our room later.

With the amazing service and food it’s no wonder locals and travelers alike have been coming here for years and I can’t wait to get back. Maybe I will try something new next time, who I am kidding I’m going back for that rib-eye.

Check out Henry’s here and also be sure to check out Water Street



**Must Read** How I Made $2,145 By Decluttering!!

by Heather Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A few months ago I began a journey towards minimalism.  And not the weird kind where you sleep on the floor and only have one plate and one fork, but a kind where I question all my possessions and get rid of the stuff I don’t need.

I had read a few books that were getting me inspired and then I had the great pleasure of spending some time with Joshua Becker who is one of the premier minimalism authors out there.  Spending time together was refreshing on a whole lot of levels, but as far as this article is concerned he helped spur me on to take major action in this direction.

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*Must Read* 50 Things I've Learned in 10 Years of Parenting

by Heather Tuesday, January 20, 2015

1. I've learned that the best toys are seen but not heard.

2. I've learned that a "friend with benefits" is a friend with a kid old enough to babysit.

3. I've learned how frightening it is to have a 2-year-old walk up to you when you thought he was asleep in his crib.

4. I've learned that a child's first instinct isn't to walk around a puddle.

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An Education on Kids Car Seats from #ChiccoKidFit - Plus "Look Mom No More Icky Seat!"

by Heather Monday, January 19, 2015

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Chicco. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.

When purchasing a car seat for me it’s not just all about safety, I think I hear gasping off in the distance. Don’t get me wrong I am very concerned about my children’s safety, the first time we left the hospital with our bundle of joy I rode in the back seat with her and was prepared to lunge across her in the case of any danger. I was terrified and it took more than thirty minutes after we had her completely secure to finally be ok setting off. That’s why I was so grateful for diagrams like the one below from Chicco. Do you know for sure that you are using your car seat right?

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Move Over Man Cave and Make Way for the Pinterest Room!

by Heather Friday, January 9, 2015

A room of one’s own isn’t new — nod to Virginia Woolf — but what we ladies do with and in the space is changing.

Our grandmothers had “boudoirs,” where they primped and lounged. Our mothers had sewing rooms and craft rooms. 

Today’s “me” room encompasses all those activities and so much more, according to a Detroit Free Press article. The story says that while guys are tricking out their man caves with sports memorabilia and big-screen TVs, women are turning their spaces into multipurpose rooms with an emphasis on pretty and creative storage.

But we think the article missed a recent phenomenon that will affect how we design, and what we call, our special spaces moving forward.

Today, women are embracing social media much more enthusiastically than men — especially Pinterest and Facebook — and need some privacy to post their latest pictures and thoughts. And when we’re not trying to connect with others, we’re trying to find our bliss through yoga or meditation, which require peace and quiet, too.

So, this begs the question: what do we call these multipurpose rooms? “Woman cave” is so derivative and, well, hairy. “Boudoir” and “sewing room” are so last century.

What would you call a room of your own, and what would you do there?





*Must Read* The Link Between Clutter and Depression Plus 7 Tips to Dig You Out!

by Heather Thursday, January 8, 2015


Dishes in the sink, toys throughout the house, stuff covering every flat surface; this clutter not only makes our homes look bad, it makes us feel bad, too.

At least that’s what researchers at UCLA’s Center on Everyday Lives and Families (CELF) discovered when they explored in real time the relationship between 32 California families and the thousands of objects in their homes. The resulting book, Life at Home in The Twenty-First Century, is a rare look at how middle-class Americans use the space in their homes and interact with the things they accumulate over a lifetime.

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