It Pays to Price match!

January 2011

I always try to price match my fruits and veggies; here is what I got last night at Walmart:


I have quite few stores near me that have great deals on produce, by why go to five different stores when I can go to Walmart and they will match them all. (If I don't find what I want, then I check out Target who also price matches)

2 Pineapples - $.99 each

5 Cucumbers - $.19 each

1 Head of Lettuce - $.50 each

11 Oranges - $.08 each

Broccoli Crowns - $0.48/lb - three crowns $0.49

Grand Total - $4.81! Not bad for 20 items

So keep a look out for good produce prices at any store (even if you don't shop there) and keep the ads so you can price match!


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