A Peek At My Week!

January 2013


Here are a few little highlights of my week! (Keep in mind I have a horrible camera!)

Started jogging this week, which is quite an accomplishment considering it's between 10-14 degrees outside!!!

My little girl pushes through like it's no biggie! shes definitely going to be more athletic like her daddy.

Speaking of her daddy though... can you believe he was wearing shorts!! I swear this is only a guy thing I never see women out in the middle of the winter wearing shorts!

If you are thinking... "wow your little boy seems a little old for a playpen" you would be right. We actually use it to store toys which works really well!

Unfortunately the kiddos will pull pretty much everything out of it and make a complete disaster!

So I have now said that they need to ask me before getting anything out.

My little man decided that if he wasn't allowed to get anything out that he would go in instead!

I was super excited to see these, but also a little confused. I got 3 coupons for FREE John Frieda products. did anyone else get 3 of them?

This is the shame of my week. Tons of clothes just waiting to be put away! I have no problem doing the laundry I just hate putting it away!

Oh well... maybe next week!

I had to document this wonderful moment where both of my kiddos were silent and reading books. (doesn't happen often enough!Laughing)

And yes that's more laundry on the bed. Embarassed

And finally... the event that made my week so awesome!!! A dear friend let me barrow this for the upcoming summer!!

Now I'm not super excited about working out, but this bike will definitely make it a little nicer!!

I hope you had a fantastic week!


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