Track What You Eat!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So this is now my new motto! I realized I will never lose weight if I don't track what I eat!

You can track what you eat by just simply putting it down in a notebook to using an official food diary.

I track what I eat on MapMyRide this is just one of the MAPMYFITNESS SITES.

I input my food and it tells me exactly how many calories I have consumed, and once I do a workout it will also tell me how many calories I burned.

(and yes I crossed out my weight! Not exactly ready to share that with the whole world Laughing)

They also have a very comprehensive database of food that you can get calorie and nutrition info from.

No matter how you keep track of what you eat, the important thing is that you do!

I thought I had my calories in check until I started documenting them and found out that I was way over what I needed.

So next time you go to sit down to a meal, make sure you plan on writing down what you ate!



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