*HOT* Grab 140 Mailing Labels With FREE shipping! Hurry!! 2 Days Only!

Monday, March 25, 2013


Reminder: Last day for this awesome deal!!

Yeah! One of my FAVORITE offers is available again from Vistaprint!

You can grab 140 labels from Vistaprint HERE, just pay $5 and snag FREE shipping. There are so many things you can do with these! Here are just a few ideas…

Idea #1 Name Tags for Back To School Items

These are perfect for kids going back to school, you can use them to label books, toys, snacks and anything else you might need to put a label on.

There are so many uses for these. Here are a few other ideas…

You can use these as a gift for your child’s teacher. It can be hard sometimes to make sure everything that belongs in the classroom stay there.

A teacher would be thrilled with such a nice personalized and thoughtful gift!

Idea #3 In the Kitchen

Use them to label baked goods, cookbooks or anything else in the kitchen. Its a nice way to personalize treats baked from the heart!

If you know you have bake sales coming up as school starts, you can personalize them with that in mind.

Idea #4 Mailing Labels

You can select the caricature mailing labels and make these adorable labels representing the whole family, even the family dog.

You can customize each family member -  hair color, hair style, eyes and more!

Idea #5 Holiday Labels/Treat Bag Labels

Have any other ideas for these? Did you create something adorable? Let us know! Smile


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