The Amazing Swim Diaper - Save Money This Summer With This Awesome Secret!

May 2013



On our recent trip to Florida the last thing I wanted to do was pack a huge package of swim diapers, so I opted to pick some up at a Walmart in Florida.

Now if you have a little one that uses swim diapers you know how fast you can go through them, normally that one package I picked up wouldn't last for long.

Our little boy was recently potty trained, but I didn't want to have to rush out of the pool, run him into the house and create a pool inside the house with all the water that would drip off of us in the process. lol

I decided that we would use swim diapers for the pool and the beach.

But I have a secret I want to share with you about swim diapers! Are you ready for it? Smile

You can reuse them!!

Now you probably think I am crazy, but it's true!! (not that I'm crazy haha)

Once your little one is done swimming you can toss the swim diaper into the washing machine and then into the dryer and reuse it!

I usually use the gentle cycle and a lower heat setting on the dryer, just to be on the safe side.

Once you have washed and dried them they are ready to use again!

I usually get the Little Swimmers like these:

This handy dandy tip will save you a ton of money this summer!

I did this while we were staying with Global Resort Homes in Florida and I only had to use one swim diaper out of the whole package!!

The vacation home we stayed at had a washer and dryer, so once he was done in the pool I just tossed it in the washer and it was ready to use again the next day. 

Needless to say it was so awesome to be staying at a vacation home that had a washer and dryer!

If you want to stretch your dollar even further, make sure you pin and save this awesome tip and reuse those swim diapers!! 


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