Baby buys car while playing on parents cellphone!!

July 2013


Kids these days. They can do almost anything on a smartphone, but a 14 month old buying a car?

It happened, said Paul Stoute, an Oregon man whose daughter did an unusual – and costly – thing while playing on dad’s phone. 

While playing with the cellphone, baby Sorella Stoute hopped onto eBay and somehow made the winning bid.

“I downloaded a game so she could get some color recognition-type stuff. You know, it pops up blue and you tap on the screen on the blue button to make sure you know the colors and stuff like that,” Paul said. “And she must’ve got out of that to eBay.”

Paul got a surprise when an email arrived in his inbox confirming that he was the winning bidder of a 1962 Austin Healey Sprite for $202.50.

“I actually thought it was a phishing email. You know, the ones where they try to steal your information?” Paul said. “I actually looked it up on eBay just to make sure it was legit, and sure enough, the little one must’ve bought a car.”

Paul said he contacted the seller to see if he could get out of the purchase, and the seller said yes.

But in the end, the family decided to go through with the bid.

“After thinking about it, Krissy, my wife, and I decided to actually keep the car and restore it as just kind of a good story for the little one here,” he said.

So watch out: In 15 years, Sorella may be zipping around town in the vintage classic.

Source: komo News


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