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October 2013


If you are a regular Mamas Spot reader you have probably found that I have been missing a lot this last summer. Our family decided we wanted to take not one not two, but four vacations this last summer!

Needless to say that kept us pretty busy and I didn't have as much time to blog, so that's why we have decided to do a whole travel week to show you all our adventures that we have had plus also share some insider tips and tricks you can use for your next vacation! Also I will have some other blogger friends of mine sharing some of their best tips for travel! How awesome is that?! So be sure to stick around this week and also be sure to use the pin-it button on the top of the post to pin every article that you might need for the future!

Here are just a few things you can look forward to:

:: The Cheapest Warm Vacations When You Just Can’t Wait for Summer

:: 5 Travel Scams No One Warned You About

:: Secret Travel Hacks the Airline Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

:: Hotel vs Vacation Home - what you need to know about both

:: 10 Tips For Vacationing With a Baby

:: How to Get the Cheapest Deals on Car Rentals

:: Disney on a Budget

:: Plus an in depth look at our trips to Florida, Texas and Yellowstone!!

You won't want to miss it!! Be sure to share with any friends that love to travel!!


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