*Must Read* 5 Amazing Life Lessons I learned from my 3 year old.

October 2013


One of my main concerns as a parent is to make sure I am teaching my children correct principles. There is so much they need to learn, during the fleeting years I have them in my home, that at times it is almost overwhelming. And yet, perhaps, I was given these children not just to teach, but to also learn from. Children have a wisdom born of innocence that I think we can all learn from. When I stop to think of all the lessons my small children have taught me in the last few years, I am truly humbled. Here are the TOP 5:

1- Today is a good day!

Every day when my daughter wakes up one of the first things she says to me is, "Today is a good day mommy!" It's amazing how different my days are when I choose to start them with the conscious decision that no matter what, today will be a good day.

It's our attitude not our circumstance that determine the course of our day. When I choose to have a good attitude my day goes better. It's almost like a self fulfilling prophesy.

2- Be nice!

This is something I have to remind my daughter all the time in regards to her little brother. However, the other day my daughter caught me saying something not so nice about someone who I felt had wronged me. She stopped me cold when she said, "Mommy be nice!" At first I felt bad that I had been caught speaking unkind things in front of my daughter.

Then I thought to myself, isn't it just as bad to say or think those things in private? When I choose to be nice in word and thought, in public and private, in regards to others as well as myself, I am happier.

3- Forgive and forget.

I can't tell you how many times I have comforted my daughter after she was hurt (intentionally or unintentionally) by a friend, only to see her playing like nothing happened a few minutes later. Children are quick to forgive and even quicker to forget.

Withholding my forgiveness and refusing to forget (or keeping a laundry list of grievances as my mother puts it) hurts you more then anyone else. When I turn my pain over to God, and let go, I find that in place of anger and pain, I am filled with peace and love.

4-Mommy play with me.

I am a stay at home mother, and I cannot tell you how often I am called away from whatever task I am working on to, "Come play with" one of my children.

I am sad to say that too often I get annoyed or frustrated knowing what I am doing is important. Yet, what is more important than your children? They grow up so fast, and in the end what will I regret more: that I didn't get more work done? Or that I didn't spend more memory building time with my children?

Another aspect to this lesson, is that children understand that play is important. What are we (as adults caught up in our busy lives) missing when we don't take the time for simple imaginative play? When I can let go and just play I find it very freeing and inspiring.

5- I LOVE YOU!!!

A favorite activity of my daughter's is to at random moments yell out to me wherever I am, "Mommy I Love You!!!"

I will then yell the same think back no matter where I am.

My daughter follows this with, "You do?!?"

And of course I replay, "Yes I do!"

I know this activity seems really simple and random. However, the joy it brings my sweet little girl has reminded me that; it is not enough for me to show my love, I need to share it. Just as my little girl needs to hear me tell her I love her, so do others in my life. And as I need to hear her tell me she love me, I also need to tell myself that though I am not perfect I love me too.


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