Shari's Berries... the perfect gift to make a statement.

December 2013

I am always happy to receive a gift, maybe that is one of the reasons I love Christmas so much. With that said you can imagine my excitement when the door bell rang yesterday to reveal a package (left on my door step by the UPS man). My excitement doubled when I saw that the package came from Shari’s Berries. I had hear of their amazing chocolate covered berries for a while, but had only recently tried them for the first time days before at a party I had attended. 

Imagining what delicacies this box held within, I wasted no time in bringing it inside and opening it up. Of course the first thing I noticed was how well they had insulated and packaged it all. There was even an ice pack to insure that the contents stayed nice and cold (not that they had to worry about that right now here in Utah) 

When I opened the box it was to discover a box with a  DOZEN CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES!!! Someone sure loves me. Both Chocolate and Strawberries are a weakness of mine (especially when I am pregnant. So of course my first impulse was to open the box and gobble the chocolate berries right up (well with the help of my two children.) However, then my nobler self intervened and I proclaimed that we would wait to eat them until my husband was home from work and could enjoy them with us. 

It took all of my restraint, but the wait was well worth it. Last night after my husband came home from work and we had eaten dinner as a family, I pulled out the box of chocolate covered strawberries that I had been keeping in the fridge. The children all but inhaled theirs but my husband and I savored our. We all basked in the delightful experience of biting through the layer of hardened chocolate into the juicy strawberries within. Yes indeed each bite was heaven to our taste buds. These were some of the best chocolate covered strawberries I had ever had. 

If you are looking for the perfect gift to send to a friend or loved one this Christmas I suggest heading over to Shari’s Berries and choosing one of their amazing gift boxes. Trust me they will LOVE you for it! Also make sure to check out their Facebook Page where they often post specials. 


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