US Women's Soccer Heartwarming Tribute to Moms Plus $1,000 Visa Gift Card Giveaway!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

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Mother's day is a special day for so many women around the world, but it can be heartbreaking for those who are too far away to see their moms. I've always thought it must be really hard for sports teams since most holidays they are on the road and can't be near their loved ones. All you want to do as a mother on Mother's Day is wrap your arms around your child and tell them how much you love them. And when you have a child that plays a professional sport I can only imagine how proud you must be of them and you wish you could always be there to cheer them on. The moms of the US Women's Soccer team got that opportunity this Mother's Day. Little did the team know that as they were preparing for a send off game that all their moms were anxiously waiting behind closed doors for the most exciting Mother's Day surprise. On Saturday night, as the team prepared for a send-off game vs. Ireland (in San Jose, CA) in advance of the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup, an ordinary team meeting and dinner took a dramatic turn as the featured guests were revealed to be non-other than the players' moms. These moms have been on the sidelines cheering their little girls on from day one, but now their girls are grown up and on the road a lot. So this opportunity for them to see their daughters on Mother's Day is definitely extra special. Here is the video of the surprise and you might want some tissues. Wink

U.S. Soccer's women's national team received the ultimate Mother's Day surprise this weekend.Enjoy the video and don't miss the FIFA Women's World Cup this June on FOX Sports!

Posted by FOX Soccer on Monday, May 11, 2015

I loved the end of this video, how awesome is it that their moms got to walk them out on the field?! For the first time in the history of US Women's Soccer they were able to share a piece of what they do with their moms. You can see the absolute joy over both the moms and the daughters faces. What a special experience they will always treasure. My Mother's Day with my kids was very special and it's a day I look forward to every year, so I love seeing heartwarming stories like this. I loved when one of the moms told her daughter "I wouldn't be a mom without you" Mother's day is about that special bond we have with our kids and I believe this video embodies just that.

I think it's going to be an exciting year for women’s soccer. Be sure to keep up with the U.S. Women’s National Soccer team on FacebookFoxSoccer.comTwitter, and

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