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June 2015

I participated in an Influencer Activation for State Farm Neighborhood Assist. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

I live in what would definitely be considered a small town, but what we lack in huge development we make up for in care for our community. Every day I see people on our cities facebook group reaching out to someone in need or organizing a cleanup for an area that has been neglected.

We recently did this cleanup in a hiking area, and now families can go hiking without having to feel like they are walking through a junkyard. So proud of how much we cleaned up that day!

This is what community is all about. A little three year old girl had pulled down a boiling pot of water onto herself and immediately our community rallies to her and her families side with a community yard sale to raise money for her medical bills. This was the day I knew I was part of an amazing community, the outpouring of love for this little girl that most didn't even know, was so touching. I loved being a part of those projects and there is something really special about assisting your own neighbors and helping your community be great.

Helping your community thrive is a group effort and sometimes can require a little outside help, and that’s why State Farm has decided to help out local neighborhoods with their Neighborhood Assist Program. State Farm is helping local non-profits and organizations make a positive impact on their community. This is led by the Youth Advisory Board and the top 200 causes have been chosen and now you can vote for the one you want to receive $25,000 in support! The Youth Advisory Board is made up of 30 students between the ages of 17-20 from all across the US. The Board is completely autonomous and youth-driven, and funds projects focused on issues selected by the board that impact youth. It consists of a diverse group of full-time students at high schools and universities.

This is a great opportunity to check out a cause in your neighborhood and get involved! You can check out a great video here to get an idea of how big this is! The cause in my area is this great new program that I signed my kids up for a couple of weeks ago. It’s a program to get kids outside this summer doing fun activities and getting them badges when they complete the activities. With two young kids I love this idea and have been voting for it to see it grow bigger and become a huge success. You might want to check out causes in other areas as well, I found so many great ideas and projects that I know would be helpful to certain cities to grow stronger. If you find yourself drawn to a certain cause, vote for it! Head over here through Facebook and rally for a cause to get the chance to win one of 40 $25,000 grants.

It's super simple! Hurry and vote now!


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