5 Tips To Keep You Healthy and Happy While Flying

August 2015

Do you ever come off a flight feeling like a train wreck? You think you’ve done everything right. You went to bed early the night before and you ate a hearty breakfast. But now that you’ve arrived at your destination, all you want to do is collapse.

The airplane is not a healthy environment. There are many ways to stay healthy on a flight, here are five top ways you can stay healthy and happy. 

#1 Avoid Alcohol

The number one piece of advice is to avoid alcohol and caffeine when flying. Wine and caffeine dehydrate. The air on a flight already has less moisture in it so instead you should stick with water, herbal tea, or tomato juice.


#2 Stay Hydrated

It’s important to remain hydrated when flying by drinking plenty of fluids but it’s also important to hydrate in other ways. Staying hydrated keeps the risk of catching a respiratory virus to a minimum.

#3 Fight Germs

Let’s face it; germs are a huge problem for causing viruses. Have you ever wondered just how well airplanes are cleaned? Never use the blanket they give you on the flight instead carry your own. Pack a small pack of antibacterial wipes to clean your space before take off. Why take the risk? Don’t you want to eat off of a clean table anyway?

#4 Keep Moving

Another important tip for staying healthy when flying is to move around. Regardless of how long your flight is, it’s good to keep the blood flowing. It can be something as simple as tapping your foot or rolling your ankles to getting up and going for a walk. Blood clots can form from sitting too long at altitude and it doesn’t only happen to the elderly. 

#5 Rest Up

Often times it’s tempting to binge watch your favorite TV show on your tablet or check out a new release on the entertainment system, but turning everything off, putting in your earplugs or noise cancelling ear buds, and blocking out all distractions with an eye mask will help you relax and fall asleep. The more rest and calm you have during your flight, the better you’ll feel when you land. Just make sure you don’t wake up with a stiff neck. That’s where a good inflatable travel pillow comes in handy.

You don’t have to travel with and arsenal of medication to stay healthy when flying, all you need are few small items to protect you from the elements and a little knowledge about what to bring and how to use it and you’ll safe guard against getting sick before your next vacation.



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