Mitsubishi: Taking Families On New Adventures

October 2015

We recently went on a family adventure to Colorado, when we do family travel we REALLY do family travel! On this trip we had an aunt, grandparents, kids and my husband and I. Logistically this can be difficult, normally we would have to pile into two different cars which can take away from the fun of traveling together as a family, but we were able to try out the new 2016 Outlander which seats seven!

(All of us piling in Smile)

This meant we could all be in the same vehicle. Which was awesome, and made me think about how many times I need seven seats when I am home. So many times I am shuttling kids back and forth between different activities and I could definitely use more seats.

This is a vehicle that seems like it was made for adventures so we took it out to see some great Colorado sights. First we headed to see some dinosaurs at the Morrison Natural History Museum where our kiddos got to be paleontologists.

Before getting there we headed through a little canyon where we took the Outlander out of Eco mode to get up the canyon a little quicker. The eco mode is awesome to help you save on fuel, and the Outlander will also let you know your trips fuel economy as soon as you turn it off. When you are in eco mode you won’t have a lot of “get up and go”, but you can just take it out of eco mode like we did if needed.

After the Morrison Natural History Museum we headed to an area I have been wanting to see for years; the Red Rocks Amphitheater. Not only is the scenery fantastic, huge red rocks jutting out of the ground, but they also have some pretty cool music memorabilia.

In the early 1900s (decade), John Brisben Walker had a vision of artists performing on a stage nestled in the perfect acoustic surroundings of Red Rocks, which likely were used by the Ute tribe in earlier times. Walker produced a number of concerts between 1906 and 1910 on a temporary platform; and from his dream, the history of Red Rocks as an entertainment venue began.

It was pretty cold that day and we were up in a canyon so I was super grateful for the heated seats in the Outlander. The parking lot was a little small and the back-up camera really came in handy as well. This is an absolute must back at home as well. Too many accidents happen with kiddos getting behind cars and the driver unable to see them. The backing camera was fantastic to have on our trip since we had to parallel park often downtown. Even if you are the best at parallel parking, having that peace of mind with a backing camera is a must!

Next on our list was heading to downtown Denver to check out the Denver train depot and take part in the Thomas the Train Day. I love visiting new train depots; something about the history there just captivates me. The Denver Train Depot is filled with some fantastic restaurants, shops and games for the whole family. Like I said before parking can be a little tricky in Downtown Denver. We had to either squeeze into tiny parking garages or parallel park. Now that’s not always very easy with a bigger vehicle, but it’s so doable with the backing camera and side mirrors that fold in.

I was also really impressed by the fact that even though it has seven seats you don’t feel like you are driving a monster of a vehicle. It feels a lot like most five passenger vehicles with its maneuverability. Keep in mind the seats in the far back are definitely more suited for kids or one small adult. I fine with this fact since I could always stick kids back there.

(Absolutely love the trim! It is definitely some of the nicest trim I have seen in a while)

The second row is very roomy though and we fit three adults on the second row during our whole trip. With our whole family in one vehicle my main concern while driving is definitely safety. Turns out that’s something the Outlander excels at!

Here are just a few safety features of the 2016 Outlander:

Lane Departure Warning - This is great for help staying in your lane. I think this would really come in handy on rainy nights when it can be really hard to see the lanes.

Adaptive Cruise Control - The available Adaptive Cruise Control system uses 77GHz radar technology to accurately judge distances between you and the vehicle ahead, helping you maintain a safe driving distance.

Forward Collision Mitigation - Forward Collision Mitigation system can help you avoid accidents - and even automatically apply the brakes, if necessary.
All of these features are amazing and definitely make the 2016 Outlander a winner in the safety department. Because of these safety features, I would highly recommend the outlander for teens as well.

(Even with seven seats being used there is still cargo room for what you need)

As we wrapped up our adventure in Denver and we were driving down the freeway everyone in the vehicle became quiet (probably due to being worn out from our trip) and it hit me! It wasn’t just quiet because it was the first time no one in the car was talking, but I couldn’t hear the sound of cars passing me on the freeway. Mitsubishi has purposely created the Outlander to be as silent as possible. It made for an amazing ride back to the airport and the 2016 Outlander definitely made our trip complete.

If you want to check out the 2016 Outlander you can check it  out here


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