Marlin Apartments: Your Home Away From Home In London

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Planning a trip to London can be both exciting and completely overwhelming. Where do you go? What will you see? But more importantly, where will you stay? The most obvious choice might be to find a hotel near attractions; you might be surprised to find out, though; that it isn’t your only option.

We travel to new places to see attractions, meet interesting people, and have experiences that haven’t been done before. When staying at a hotel, you really only meet other guests that are just like you. I believe living like a local gives you a real view of the city you are in and everything it holds for you. My recent stay with Marlin Apartments in London gave me the ultimate experience of local life, food, and culture.

As soon as we arrived at our apartment, I knew it would be a fantastic experience. I immediately loved the neighborhood, and it was bustling with energy. Right around the corner was a shop for us to grab some groceries and anything else we might need during our stay.

We had a two-bedroom apartment with a full kitchen, living room, and two bathrooms. We didn’t have our kids with us on this trip, but this apartment would be more than enough space for any family. Marlin Apartments also provides the opportunity to keep your vacation easily under budget. You can cut back on costs by heading to the store and cooking a home-cooked meal, instead of searching for a restaurant.

Restaurants in London can get pricey and being able to choose when we wanted to eat out and when we wanted to eat at the apartment was a wonderful option to have. Being able to eat fresh food while on vacation was fantastic. If we had our kids with us, I would be able to have healthy snacks available for them anytime and burst those “Mom, I’m hungry” moments by just heading into our own kitchen.

My husband and I cooked dinner one night, opened the door to our porch, and just sat watching all the people down below while we ate. We had the comforts of home with all the excitement of being in a new place. It was a wonderful experience.

Marlin Apartments are in the heart of London and make it really easy to get around, seeing all the sites and attractions London has to offer. We found it really easy to either walk to most attractions or take the subway a few stops. One day, we walked toward the London Bridge and happily stumbled across a huge market. It’s wonderful little surprises, like that, we would have missed if it weren’t for Marlin Apartments. If you are looking for a different luxury experience, one that throws you into the London local life, I would highly recommend you check out Marlin Apartments.

I received accommodations to facilitate my review, this hasn't affected my review and all opinions are my own.


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