Best Western Sonoma Valley Inn - A Fantastic Family Friendly Sonoma Hotel

Thursday, February 4, 2016

When traveling with kids through the beautiful Sonoma Valley, you need to stay somewhere close to soak it all in. You also need somewhere that feels like home, I found that with The Best Western Sonoma Valley Inn. In the heart of Sonoma sits this fantastic hotel with so much to offer families, solo travelers and even the lucky business travelers passing through.  Apart from the super spacious rooms (that even have a fireplace), you can count on a hot breakfast, fabulous pool, free laundry facilities, warm inviting communal spaces, and more!

My immediate impression of this Best Western was a good one and that feeling stayed with me through the duration of our stay. I almost had a hard time heading out and exploring due to how relaxed I felt on the property. As a family, we would spend the evenings by the outdoor fire pit sipping hot cocoa and just hanging out; I could do that every night!

The complimentary breakfast is amazing! As a mom who feels like she’s constantly hunting and gathering, it’s great to wake up and not have the kids asking “what’s for breakfast?” Instead, we head over to the breakfast room and we have so many options you can’t even possibly try everything.
The Best Western Sonoma Valley Inn has all the comforts of home except instead of me being the one taking care of everyone else; Best Western is taking care of my family and me.

As a travel writer, I feel it’s important to not only keep notes on my own experience at a hotel but also to pay close attention to others staying at the same hotel. I did this very thing at The Best Western Sonoma Valley Inn and you want to know what I noticed? Absolute contentment.

I looked around at groups of friends and families enjoying their spoils of the day (usually mostly wine) soaking in this wonderful hotel nestled in a beautiful place. What more could you ask for? If you aren’t planning a trip to Sonoma, you need to do so! Your next step after that? Head over here and book your relaxing stay at the Best Western Sonoma Valley Inn. It will be a trip to remember!

Also if you are planning any sort of event the Best Western Sonoma Valley Inn has an awesome event center as well!

Check out more photos from our stay below!

(Yep... feeling right at home.)


I love this machine!!! It makes really great pancakes, and the kiddos thought it was pretty cool too!


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