Moaning Cavern Adventure Park - Fantastic Family Fun!

Friday, March 18, 2016

On our recent stay in Calaveras County I was looking for some family fun and adventure and I found it with snowmobiling, sledding and more, but I wanted to kick it up a notch so we headed to Moaning Cavern Adventure Park for some ziplining and cave exploration! There’s more to Moaning Cavern Adventure Park than just ziplining and a cave though; this is a place you come to for a full day of fun.

Here are just some of the amazing activities they have:
Cave Rappel
Gemstone Mining & Goldpanning
Cave Walking Tours
Labyrinth Rock Scramble Tour
Twin Zip Lines
Expedition Adventure Tours
Geode Cracking
Climbing Tower

Unfortunately we had limited time the day we went and we were only able to experience the zipline, rock climbing and goldpanning. It was still an amazing day of fun and I can’t wait to go back to Moaning Cavern Adventure Park to experience the cave!

When we first showed up my daughter couldn’t wait to go down the zipline so we headed in to get her “suited up”.  I was nervous about her going by herself, but because of her weight she had to ride tandem with her dad which made me feel better. I decided to keep my feet planted on the ground with my son who wasn’t feeling very adventurous.  After watching my husband and daughter get all their gear on and go over safety measures I felt at ease about them with this new experience. The Moaning Cavern Adventure Park staff is amazing and they go above and beyond with safety.

You can watch the video below to see the awesome adventure you can have with the Moaning Cavern Adventure Park’s zipline. As you can see my daughter had a blast! She was begging to be able to do it again, and it’s an experience she will never forget!

If ziplining is a little out of your comfort zone Moaning Cavern Adventure Park has plenty of low key adventures that will be the highlight of your trip.
The 45-minute tour into the cave is suitable for the whole family. Professionally guided, the tour descends through well-lighted marble passages into the magnificent natural wonder. Descending down 235 stairs to a depth of 165 feet below the surface, the tour ends on the spot where scientific excavations revealed the bones of prehistoric people who had fallen into the cavern thousands of years ago. Guides explain the history and geology of the cavern, and discuss the explorations that have traced the cavern to its current depth of 410 feet.

Moaning Cavern Adventure Park also has a 32 foot custom designed rock climbing wall that is great for the whole family. I think my daughter could have done this all day long, but my arms were pretty tired after one climb up. Lol

One of my favorite things about Moaning Cavern Adventure Park is it really is laid out like a park. It even has picnic tables and plenty of open spaces to relax and hang out. This makes it a fantastic place to hang out all day as you can rest, have a picnic and take your time enjoying all the fun. If you haven’t been to Moaning Cavern Adventure Park yet be sure to plan a trip soon!

Big thank you to Calaveras County for hosting our family! As usual all opinions are my own on this article.



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