Our Dodge City Days Experience!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

People flock from all over Kansas and neighboring states to experience the famous Dodge City Days. This is great experience for families or any traveler. Dodge City is packed with fun activities for kids and families, but it definitely gets kicked up a notch for the Dodge City Days. Check out our families experience and some tips on what to include when planning your itinerary.

Boot Hill Museum Dinner & Show

If you asked locals for one “must do” activity while in Dodge City, the answer you would get is to see the Boot Hill Museum Dinner & Show. This interactive, educational, and super fun activity is something you definitely don’t want to miss. The Boot Hill dinner is a great feast of brisket, coleslaw, creamed corn, and more! After this amazing dinner, you will have to be rolled out of the restaurant like a tumbleweed.

After dinner comes the shootout! Watch as the story of Dodge City is told complete with an old west shootout. After the shootout there is more fun and entertainment with Miss Kitties dancing girls. You will get a special treat of song and dance in Miss Kitties’ saloon.

Dodge City Longbranch Lagoon

Need to cool off? The Longbranch Lagoon has exactly what you need, and they bring the Wild West to this cool water park.

You immediately notice that this isn’t your average, “run of the mill” waterpark. Longbranch Lagoon has rattlesnakes spraying water, cowboys, and more! Be sure to plan plenty of time here since you will have a hard time getting the kiddos to leave.

Dinner at Central Station Bar & Grill

If you are looking for a unique and fun dining experience, you will definitely want to head over to the Central Station Bar & Grill. Here you can dine in a streetcar and sample some great Kansas BBQ. If you aren’t quite in the mood for BBQ, I would highly recommend the chicken fried steak. It was some of the most flavorful and soft chicken fried steak I have had.

Dodge City Roundup PRCA Rodeo

Want to see a great Rodeo? They don’t get much better than the Dodge City Roundup! The Dodge City Roundup Rodeo was selected by Time Magazine as one of the "50 Authentic American Experiences." This is a rodeo you won’t soon forget, but make sure you go early as it is super popular!

Dodge City Cattle Drive

This is an event that can't be missed! Kids will get e thrill as cattle are herded down the middle of Dodge City! These aren't just any cattle either, just look at those horns.

Touch the Truck

Okay, I know this event might sound a little funny, but this was a big highlight for our kids and really made their day. Your family will get up close to some pretty cool vehicles you just don’t normally get to see let alone climb into.

Our kids, and really all the kids there, were fascinated by the huge farming equipment. The smiles on their faces as they got to climb into these monster vehicles were priceless. Definitely an event you don’t want to miss. 

Where to stay

While there are many lodging options in Dodge City, our family was incredibly impressed with the Dodge City Hampton Inn. This new hotel offers large rooms perfect for families and plenty of amenities that will make your stay even more enjoyable. They also offer a fantastic complimentary breakfast that our kids really loved. The Dodge City Hampton Inn will make sure you start every day on the right foot! 

A lot of fun is waiting for your family in Dodge City! Head over here to get started planning your trip and get the heck into Dodge!

We received hosting to facilitate this review, all opinions and information are my own. 


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