Vegas Indoor Skydiving - Another Wild Side to Vegas!

October 2016

Our family has been to Vegas countless times, and yet there still seems to be more to explore and do every time we are there. Just when you think you have seen it all, something new pops up or you find something you didn’t know existed.

It surprises a lot of people that we take our kids to Vegas. Most have been brainwashed into thinking Vegas holds nothing appropriate or fun for kids, and that couldn’t be farther from the truth. While there are definitely some areas you want to stay away from, and we have found ourselves on more than one occasion steering our kids in the opposite direction of an “interesting” street performer; there is still so much for kids and families to enjoy in Vegas!

Our last trip was no exception to this as we tried out indoor skydiving with Vegas Indoor Skydiving! What could be more exciting than flying? As soon as I told our daughter that she would be able to do indoor skydiving she was so excited! She couldn’t wait to see what it would be like to fly.

This is a fantastic activity for really any age. My husband and daughter participated in this adventure while I took photos and my little boy who didn’t quite weight enough watched (kids must be over 50 lbs.) They have a fantastic viewing area for those not participating, and you can capture some great footage of your friends or family flying in the air!

I was really impressed by the staff at Vegas Indoor Skydiving, they were really enthusiastic and made sure you not only had a ton of fun, but you were completely safe and comfortable as well. Every participant goes through a quick training course beforehand and learns everything they need to know for their first flight. My daughter started to feel a little apprehensive, and they were fantastic at making her feel at ease. She was worried about falling down and they talked here through it and made her feel better about the whole experience.

My husband has done paragliding, rollercoasters, and extreme ziplines, but he said this was definitely a completely different experience and he highly recommends it!

(She looks like a little race car driver!)

This is an activity that can’t be missed while in Vegas and it located right on the strip! Not only is this a great family activity, but it’s fantastic for friends, a bachelor/bachelorette party, or anyone in Vegas looking for an awesome new adventure!

You can check out more pictures and a video of the experience below:



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