Fostering A Love of Reading with Bookroo!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Books are a huge building block to a child’s development, but as moms, it can be hard to always stay on top of purchasing new and interesting books for our kids. This rings especially true with new mothers who can find it hard to have time for the most basic of activities and book shopping is definitely not on the top of your list. The internet makes it possible to not have to leave your home, but there is a new service that makes it even easier to bring the joy of books and reading effortlessly into your home.

Introducing… Bookroo! Bookroo is focused on helping families read to their children during that critical 0-5 age range when their brains are developing the most. Bookroo is passionate about fostering a love of reading and makes getting books for your children as easy as checking your mailbox!
Each book sent to your home is wrapped like a present, making it a fun and irresistible surprise for kids to open. This only creates more feelings of joy and excitement around reading that will last through their childhood.

Bookroo delivers books monthly right to your door. They are a family-founded company and they love sharing their passion for reading with others. Bookroo even donates books to children in need through Reach Out And Read! You can choose from 3 board books or 2 picture books every month and the retail value always exceeds the subscription price. The books are extensively reviewed by a panel of 12 families attending Stanford University. They rate each book on a 7 point scale and on its re-readability. Books that emerge as clear winners are sent out in Bookroo boxes.

As you can see cute little Justine here absolutely loves her Bookroo books and I loved watching her excitement in opening the packages like it was her birthday or Christmas. Bookroo isn’t just for parents either; this would be a fantastic subscription for grandma and grandpa! Starting a library for the grandkids to gravitate to when visiting would be a fabulous idea! Reading to a child can be such a wonderful bonding experience and having a Bookroo subscription will have grandkids even more excited about seeing their grandparents! (If that’s even possible!)

Right now you can get 20% off a 1 or 3 month subscription by going here and signing up!

Anything that can make this mom’s life easier and hassle free is definitely a win in my book (no pun intended) and Bookroo is here to make reading to your kiddos super easy and memorable!

We received sponsoring to facilitate this review, all opinions and information are my own.


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