Time For Wiltshire: Your Guide to Stonehenge and More!

It has always been a huge bucket list item for our family to see Stonehenge, so we knew on our last trip to England that we wanted that destination to be a priority. What we didn’t expect was how much more there is to see in the area. Wiltshire holds so much for family travelers, and it would be a shame to only see Stonehenge while in the area. Here is our guide on making the most out of your time in Wiltshire and making it an amazing family vacation!

Where To Stay

Wiltshire has many amazing accommodation options for families, but none quite like Woolley Grange Hotel. Here you will find not only family friendly, but one that truly embraces kids and everything that comes with kid travel.

The list of impressive family services at this hotel goes on and on. Here are just a few of the exceptional things you can expect at Woolley Grange:

•    Baby listening and babysitting Use there complimentary baby-listening system and enjoy a grown-up dinner date. If your child wakes up or makes a noise, the listening panel at reception will be immediately alerted. If you prefer, they can organize a babysitter – usually their own child care team.
•    Baby equipment Woolley Grange makes packing easy! They will liaise with you before you arrive to ensure your room is equipped with every item you need, including cots, diaper bins and bottle warmers. In addition to this, you’ll find useful baby equipment around the hotel, such as changing mats in our spa and bibs in our restaurant. How cool is that?!
•    Baby bottles they can heat bottles and bring fresh morning and evening milk to your room, free of charge. Their chef is also happy to provide pureed food. I only wish I had known about this place when my kids were babies!
•    Woolley Bears Den They can provide two hours of complimentary childcare on each day of your stay for kids ages 12 weeks to 8 years! No matter how fun the vacation, I know I could use some alone time and the kids definitely enjoyed having a place to go play and just have kid fun. 
•    Hen House A fun place for the older kids to go play and hang out. They will find video games and more to keep them happy and occupied.
•    Family Friendly Eating Mealtime is a little different at Woolley Grange. Instead of spending your whole meal worried about keeping the kiddos “in-line” you can just sit and relax! Picky eaters will be completely satisfied with the super kid friendly menu options. Woolley Grange also supplies everything to make little ones meal complete i.e. high chairs, kid cutlery and more.

Woolley Grange is the real deal for the ultimate family vacation. I also really loved how pet friendly they are. They also have many services just for your four legged friend.

Woolley Grange Hotel



What To Do


Now obviously, you will go and see Stonehenge while in Wiltshire, but there are some more stops you will want to add to your itinerary as well.
Treasure Trail of Devizes: This was definitely a highlight for our kids and a fantastic way to spend an afternoon. Stop by one of the tourist information centers in Wilshire and pick up a treasure hunt themed map for the Devizes Trail.

This map will take you on a cool adventure while injecting a little bit of history along the way. This is a great activity no matter what age your kids are and I think it would be fantastic for teenagers even!

Vaughan’s Cookery School:

What better family bonding experience than cooking a meal together? This is a super fun activity for kids and adults. For over a decade, Vaughan’s Cookery School has been instilling a love of cooking in both kids and adults. They have a variety of classes and some of the best chefs around to teach you or your little one some new delicious meals! We made Neolithic Pizza, in honor of being at Stonehenge. We also made some fantastic sweets!

For kids, Vaughan’s Cookery School is a great outlet for them show their independence, get creative and feel accomplished.
For adults, I would highly recommend a girls night! What fun to hang out with girlfriends, wine and food! You can head over here to see all the classes that Vaughan’s Cookery School offers.

Vaughan's Kitchen & Cookery School


Lacock Abbey, Village and Museum:

Harry Potter fans will love visiting the Lacock Abbey; here you will find many filming spots from the movies! For non-Harry Potter fans… (GASP!) the history and beauty of Lacock Abbey will amaze you. It’s such a beautiful abbey and the grounds and surrounding village is as equally interesting and pretty. The abbey was founded in the 13th century and has some amazing architectural features.

You can really make a full day out of visiting Lacock. Right next to the abbey you will find the Talbot Museum, celebrating the history of photography. The Fox Talbot Museum celebrates the life and work of William Henry Fox Talbot. Fox Talbot created the first photographic negative in 1835, taken of a small window at his home, Lacock Abbey.

Lacock Abbey, Village and Museum




I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but what little expectations I did have were blown way out of the water.  Not only was it fantastic to see these amazing stones, but the whole experience is incredibly well done. From the Neolithic houses, the exhibition, to the stones themselves, the whole experience will have you wrapped up in the past!



As you can see, Wiltshire has so much to offer families! I hope this guide helps you to start planning your next trip, but be sure to head over here to the Visit Wiltshire site for more adventure to add to your Wiltshire vacation!




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