JetKids BedBox: Happy Kids, Happy Travels!

When we tell people that we travel with our kids I occasionally get comments like “Wow, good for you!” as if traveling with kids is the worst kind of travel. While traveling with kids definitely comes with its own set of challenges it can be so rewarding and definitely well worth it with the right tools. We recently came across one of these tools and it’s quite possibly the best product out there right now for travel with kids!

I am so excited to introduce you to the BedBox. You may have even seen one of these during your travels and thought “Whoa what is that?” My husband and I saw a little girl rolling by on one during a recent trip to Hawaii and I thought to myself “Those parents know what’s up!” Seasoned travelers know that wheels are always better and they make travel so much easier. So naturally having your kids suitcase roll and be able to have them jump on for a quick ride through the airport (when little feet are tired or you’re in a hurry) is going to be a huge bonus!

The BedBox is so much more than just a great suitcase though as the name suggests its greatest asset is that it doubles as a bed for your kiddos on the airplane. We all know that sleeping on an airplane is miserable unless you are in first-class. I would love if I could fly first class with the kiddos, but with how much we travel, first class for four people is definitely not in my budget.

We used to be the family that looked uncomfortable in coach, and by the time we would arrive, I would have little feet and legs all over me as they try to sleep using me as a bed. All I wanted on a flight is my own space, to not feel like I have kids kicking me all night. That’s where the BedBox comes in! Your kiddos can feel like they are in first class and you can finally have the space and comfort you want too! The JetKids BedBox expands to become the perfect little bed for your kids to get the sleep they need before their next adventure.

The BedBox has a unique and patented lid, which is height and length adjustable in order to fit most standard economy seats. This makes every any flight a great flight! The BedBox also features 360 degrees swivel wheels in the front, for smooth maneuvering and a hand washable mattress with side cushions. It also comes with a strap to easily pull the BedBox while it wheels around the airport and one to wear it like an over the shoulder bag if desired.

With an amazing tool like The JetKids BedBox anyone can travel with kids and enjoy the plane ride! Head over here to check out The JetKids BedBox and see how it can take your family travel to the next level.

A big thank you to JetKids for sponsoring this review, all opinions are my own.


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