Sol Alpaca - Make These Days Feel Warmer!

I love pieces of clothing that have a history or a story to tell. Something you can truly treasure. This can be hard to find nowadays with everything being mass produced and nothing is unique anymore. So when I came across Sol Alpaca I knew I had found something special—something noteworthy.

Sol Alpaca’s creations come from Peru a country with very rich and ancient textile traditions. Sol Alpaca keeps those traditions alive bringing all the warmth the Andean people have to give. The Andean people love what they do and hold a special passion with nature.

Sol Alpaca represents an exclusive brand of Michell & Co., the leading Alpaca producer and exporter in the world since 1931.
In the business of Alpaca processing Michell & Co is the world leader in the processing and sale of products made from the sophisticated fiber. Sol Alpaca is the exclusive line that has come out of the passion from Michell & Co.

When I think of Peru I think back to the photos friends who have traveled to Peru have shown me. In the pictures the Andean people are in colorful and vibrant dress. I love that Sol Alpaca has incorporated those same beautiful and vibrant colors into their products. Even the scarf that Sol Alpaca recently sent me has beautiful color. At first you see browns woven together and then at the end of it there it is—a vibrant pop of color. This color contrast makes it a wonder piece to add to my winter wardrobe.

As soon as I wore my Sol Alpaca scarf it was like getting a warm hug from nature. Alpaca hair is silky and soft yet durable, strong, elastic, and non-flammable. It makes it a versatile fiber that can make some truly wonderful clothing.

(You can see little bits of snow in my hair, it's already getting cold outside!)

I live in a very cold area and during the winter I need clothing that will not only look great, but will keep me really warm. The Sol Alpaca line does just that. It keeps you warm, and also keeps you in style. My Sol Alpaca scarf is already going to work for me, as we have our first snow of the season. The wind here in Utah can get really bad as well. I love taking my Sol Alpaca scarf placing part of it on my head and wrapping the lower parts around my face. This ensures that I will stay nice and warm no matter how cold it is outside.

As most of my readers already know I am passionate about supporting companies that take a stand for social responsibility. The Michell Group has taken a huge interest in supporting local communities in Peru. They started the Mirasol Project that supports those communities with the sales from their yarn collection.

The vision of Mirasol is to improve the well-being of rural children in the highlands of Peru.
The objectives of Mirasol are:
•    To provide the best education, accommodations, food and health care for the support of infants and children of the Puno region.
•    To develop personal and occupational skills, to study techniques and language communication through specialized workshops after school.
•    To maintain and to enrich the Quechua language, culture, and identity of the children.

What a great mission right?! I love when companies realize the value of the local people and help them to keep their traditions intact while supporting them.
Now is the time to get ready for the cold days of winter. Make these days feel warmer with Sol Alpaca. You can head over here to order yourself an amazing Sol Alpaca clothing. Plus with every order through the 19th you will get a free baby alpaca scarf! Sol Alpaca products would also make a wonderful gift this Christmas season!

Hurry over now and make Sol Alpaca part of your winter wardrobe! Be sure to check out more about Sol Alpaca here:

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Wishing you could have a beautiful Sol Alpaca scarf? You can! Enter below to win a $100 to Sol Alpaca! Just let me know which product you would choose by leaving a link to it!


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