Squatty Potty: The Natural Way to Number 2!

September 2019

This month I will be posting several articles about health and wellbeing and I wanted to dive straight in with something really important that a lot of us overlook. When you think about being healthy you probably think about eating healthy and exercise.  There is so much more to staying healthy and one great improvement in our house recently has been a Squatty Potty.

If you haven’t heard that squatting is what’s best when on the throne than you might be living under a rock. Millions have now seen the infamous Squatty Potty commercial with the pooping unicorn and if you have been on the fence about a Squatty Potty I’m here to tell you today why you need one now and how it will change your family’s wellbeing.

Now if you are thinking “ewe I don’t want to read about this!” just keep in mind that we all do it and you might as well be doing it the right way, am I right?!

Coming from the US when I went on my first trip to Asia I was shocked to find a huge lack of western toilets. Instead what I found was a hole in the ground with what looks like footholds on either side. You then squat to do all your business. These kinds of standing or squatting toilets can be found all over the world and while I appreciate a western toilet where I don’t have to test my balance and acrobat skills, there is something to say about squatting and other countries have realized this as well.

Our bodies were made to squat when we poop and it’s the healthiest and most natural way to go. When we sit on a standard toilet our colon is being kinked and therefore the elimination process is hindered and can sometimes be very unhealthy. When you squat the colon un-kinks and everything is allowed to flow as usual. If you’ve ever been constipated you know how unpleasant it can be and sitting with your feet planted on the floor is not helping. The Squatty Potty is a must-have and I would highly recommend one for every bathroom (your guests will thank you). The Squatty Potty slips perfectly around the base of your toilet and can be kept out of sight easily.

Squatty Potty is the only stool specially designed to help matters in the bathroom and keep your colon and body happy and content. I think we all would appreciate a little less time spent in the bathroom. Want to take a step to make your colon happy? Head over here to grab your own Squatty Potty and start pooping right! They even have different colors!


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