Merino Hospitality: It’s all in the details!

When you stay at a hotel you can almost guarantee your room is not going to be unique. It will look very much the same as every other room at the property, if not exactly the same. When visiting a destination like London I want something special, a place to not only rest my head after a busy day of sightseeing, but a place that adds to the whole experience.

This is why I choose Merino when staying in London. I don’t want a run of the mill hotel room; I want something that makes me feel at home. I want to look back at my time in London and not only remember the amazing city and experiences, but also the place I stayed. I rarely remember a specific hotel, but what I do remember is an experience and that’s what Merino offers its guests.

From every decoration to even the dishes every single touch has been carefully planned out to make your stay more enjoyable. Merino also knows that you want to be in the center of it all and their apartment locations have amazing access to all the sights. We recently stayed at 4 Star Yard – Natural Imagination and it was easy to access restaurants, grocery stores and landmarks we wanted to visit.

This two-bedroom apartment had everything our family needed; including a little whimsy. After entering I shortly started to notice why this property is called “Natural Imagination”.  Strategically scattered about you will find some unique books that make for great bedtime reading. The bedside lamps were these adorable dancing rabbits and the rest of the décor had a very whimsical feel.

The apartment has a full kitchen, bath, and two bedrooms. Merino also gives their properties the 5-star amenities treatment so you will find a sewing kit, bath products, shoe polish and more for your use. The space also comes equipped with a Sonos sound system for those that like to unwind with some music.

Our kids loved that the property has robes for the guests. Most hotels we stay at also have robes, but rarely one for each guest like Merino. Our kids really enjoyed all the books in the apartment and when we weren’t sightseeing they loved to lounge in the comfy robes, sit back, and read one of the many books available.

If you or your family has grown tired of being cramped in a hotel room while in London then you need to check out Merino Hospitality and check-into one of their beautiful properties. Head over here to book now!

Check out our video tour below:


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