6 Reasons Iceland should be Your Next Family Adventure Destination!

We love going on family adventures, we call them this instead of vacations because they are usually packed with adventure and new discoveries. Iceland is one of these destinations that is packed with new adventures and opportunities for family travelers. While other families might be taking their kids to theme parks that provide temporary fun, but let’s be honest a ton of stress in the long run. We choose to take our kids to adventurous countries to get back in tune with nature and the outdoors. So when planning your next family “vacation” choose an adventure instead!

Introduce your kids to the magic that Iceland has to offer! Here are my top 5 reasons Iceland should be your next family destination:

#1 – The Nature and Beauty

Have you seen how much young children’s temperament and attitude changes once they are surrounded by nature? They come alive and soak it all in. There is no better place than Iceland for kids to be immersed in nature. Some call Iceland the “Land of Fire and Ice”, this island was born due to volcanic eruptions and then buried in ice. Now those glaciers are melting and it has set the scene for one of the most beautiful backdrops in the world. As I have traveled around the world I now know that some of the most gorgeous places in the world have volcanoes. The volcanoes make amazing rock formations, the greenest landscapes and some of the best natural formations. Iceland also has some amazing geysers that will fascinate the kiddos!

#2 - Geysers 

Iceland is home to some of the best geysers in the world, hence the reason it’s number two on our list! Millions flock to Old Faithful every year in Yellowstone, but Old Faithful has nothing on Iceland’s Great Geysir. You can find this geyser in southwestern Iceland. I highly recommend that you do The Golden Circle tour. This will take you in a loop from Reykjavík up to the southern points in Iceland and back to Reykjavík again. The whole journey is roughly 186 miles, so you will want to plan multiple days if you have kiddos in tow. You can also book a tour online if you would like to be guided through the area or you can Find a cheap car rental in Iceland.

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#3 – Whale and puffin watching

It wouldn’t be a great kid adventure without seeing local wildlife and the wildlife in Iceland is pretty spectacular. Seeing whales and puffins up-close will be a highlight for kids while in Iceland. There are many areas in Iceland to spot puffins some can be reached by car, but some of the best spots are found by boat and the best option is to book a puffin tour combined with whale watching. You can take half the day and see both of these amazing creatures. The tour guides really know exactly where to go to get you the best views. Be sure to have your camera-ready for this amazing opportunity!

I love this photo! I unfortunately don't have any aerial shots, but I grabbed this beautiful photo from Guide to Iceland.

#4 – Vikings!  

Kids may not always be on-board with a history lesson while on vacation, but if it has Vikings well… that’s a different story! The National Museum of Iceland is chalk full of amazing discoveries and will keep the whole family entertained for the afternoon. This museum covers all of Iceland’s history and will give your whole family a great foothold in understanding where you are, but the main attraction is definitely the Viking area of the museum. Kids will be fascinated by the Viking history and artifacts. Definitely something I would check out on day one and a great way to start your trip! *Seasoned Travelers Tip* Before heading to any new destination we have our kids learn about where we are going by heading over to Nat Geo Kids. Nat Geo Kids has a country profile for every country in the world and breaks down the information about that country in an easy to understand format for kids. Head over here to see facts about Iceland!

(Photo from Guide to Iceland)

#6 -  Swimming  

This may not be something you would expect to see on this list, but Iceland has some of the best swimming in the world due to all of the thermal pools. This won’t be like heading to the local swimming hole; this will be a totally new and exciting experience for the whole family. There are many swimming pools with hot springs you can enjoy. Probably the most famous place is the Blue Lagoon. Pre-booking is required for this magical place so make sure to get your tickets in advance. The fantastic part though is that kids ages 2-13 are FREE!! Kids must be over 2 to get in and guardians are allowed to escort a maximum 2 guests 15 years and younger. This is a haven for adults, but kids will love the pools too!

#5 - Gullfoss – or “Golden falls”

This is probably one of the most famous places in Iceland. You will find Gullfoss in the “Golden Circle” so if you are doing a tour or a road trip through the Golden Circle you will definitely come across Gullfoss. This is Iceland’s most famous waterfall and it’s not hard to see why. This gorgeous waterfall actually consists of two waterfalls. I don’t know a single kid that doesn’t find waterfalls “cool” so this will definitely be a hit for kids and adults. It is surrounded by volcanic rock and therefore green fauna has flourished all around the falls. It’s spectacularly gorgeous site!

#6 - Ice Tunnels or caves 

The words alone sound so cool!!! (no pun intended) Not many can say them have stepped inside of an ancient glacier. This will definitely be the highlight of the trip for kids as well as adults. This is one of the best family attractions because it won''t be over packed or too crowded. There are so many ice caves to explore and for most you will need to book a tour that will take you in smaller groups. Be sure to bring good outerwear for the kiddos and yourself as the caves get very cold. Head over here to check out how awesome this experience is!

Iceland is truly an outdoor playground for families and I can’t think of a better destination for a family adventure!


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