Celebrate Family Volunteer Day!

No other activity has brought our family closer together than volunteering and giving back to our community. Even when my kids were really young I knew I wanted them understand the value and purpose to giving back and volunteering. I don’t always have a set schedule on when or where we volunteer and some of the most needed opportunities come up out of the blue. I am always on the lookout though for causes our family can contribute to. That is why I am really excited about Family Volunteer day!

Family Volunteer Day is a day of service that celebrates the power of families that work together and help their communities. Family Volunteer Day is held the Saturday before Thanksgiving to really help kick off the holiday spirit of giving. This year it will take place on Saturday, November 21st. What I am really excited about, is that this year Disney Friends for Change and generationOn are rallying thousands of families and kids across the country together for the 25th Family Volunteer Day. If you haven’t heard of generationOn make sure to take notice now!

generationOn is an amazing organization designed to inspire, equip and mobilize kids to make their positive mark on this world. This is done through service, service learning and leadership development. With busy family schedules it can be difficult to make time to give back, but generationOn makes it easy with resources and opportunities to get your family involved. generationOn also provides resources that will help instill a sense of compassion and foster a sense of civic responsibility that will carry through your children’s lives. That to me is priceless. We go on bike rides all the time and while on those bike rides we clean up any garbage we see on the path. This has been a super easy way to get our kids involved in helping their community. 

If your family isn’t already involved with volunteering I strongly encourage you to start with Family Volunteer Day on November, 21st. Head over to generationOn and get started planning what your family can do to help your community. Whether it’s helping out in a local food kitchen, cleaning up a park, or even just helping a neighbor. Every effort helps pave the way for future generations to spread acts of kindness.

Our family recently got involved with an organization that puts together peanut butter sandwiches for those who don’t have food. It’s a really simple way for our family to get involved and it’s also something our kids can easily do and immediately see the impact that their act of kindness has. Also be sure to stick around because later this month I will be putting up a post showing our whole family volunteering. I would love if you shared your photos with us as well! I will also be doing a giveaway of a $100 Gift Card! So get out there, make your mark and help your community grow stronger! Also be sure to mark your calendars for Family Volunteer Day on November, 21st. 

Learn more at http://www.generationon.org


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