Reading Eggs - Our Favorite New Learning Program!

We have been homeschooling now for over six years. In that time online resources at our disposal have definitely increased but I have to say it’s still not always easy to find quality content to incorporate into our children’s schooling.

It can also be difficult to find reading programs that span across many age groups. So when I came across Reading Eggs I knew it was a very different program from what I had already seen. Right away I noticed it covered ages 2-13. That is a huge age span and will work out great for most families.

Our kids have been using Reading Eggs now for a couple of weeks and it has been amazing to see their progress. Reading Eggs has an incredible reading library for kids to pick out their favorite books and the program will quiz them after chapters to make sure they comprehend what they are reading.

Reading Eggs isn’t just for homeschoolers; it is a great resource for parents who wish to keep their kids learning skills strong. I have several friends that are using the program to help their kids stay ahead of the curve in public school. The content in Reading Eggs is presented in such a fun and interactive way that kids will gravitate towards it. My kids have a schedule every day, but they always ask if they can do Reading Eggs for a little longer.

Reading Eggs provides kids with incentives to keep them going and they can decorate a house for their character. This helps my daughter stay on task and get even better scores on quizzes and lessons. I found that a lot of other programs just throw kids into the content for their age group, but I love that Reading Eggs has placement tests. Not all kids fit into their age groups. This is great because kids start exactly at their reading level and won’t be overwhelmed by lessons too hard for them or bored by lessons too easy. I have found that with my daughter if the work is too easy she just completely stops caring. As a parent or teacher, you can also change the level for the student. With this system I know they are both where they should be and this helps them to really succeed.

When I first came across Reading Eggs I really thought it would be just a reading program, but it turns out it is incredibly comprehensive and offers a lot more than just reading. Reading Eggs has games and lessons to improve spelling, grammar, vocabulary and so much more.  Another really cool feature on Reading Eggs is that it includes a math program called Mathseeds for ages 3-9. Mathseeds offers kids a really fun way to get better at math.

Lessons on the reading and math programs are designed to keep kids interested and moving forward and as a parent and teacher, I couldn’t be more pleased with Reading Eggs. It has already added so much to our schooling and I can’t wait to see my children’s progress every day. Want to see how Reading Eggs can enrich your child’s schooling? Head over here to get a free 4-week trial!

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