Elephant Learning: 1 year of math in 3 months!

September 2019
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I am so excited today to be talking to you about our families experience with the amazing math program Elephant Learning. We have been using the system for a bit now and I can honestly say it has changed our homeschooling in an incredibly positive way.  Before diving into what Elephant Learning is and how it could impact your child, let me first share our homeschooling story for those that don’t know.

We have been homeschooling for over 6 years now and have definitely had our share of ups and downs. One thing that always seems to come back, again and again, to kick us in the teeth is math. My first thoughts when trying to teach math to our kids is that maybe it was just a subject that I was equipped to teach. I know the concepts I have been able to teach my kids thoroughly in other subjects, but maybe math just wasn’t going to happen. My husband has even tried and struggled so many days even though he was in advanced math classes and took calculus and loved it.

Now don’t get me wrong, our kids were really trying most days, but as with kids that are in public school, math can just be a real struggle for any child. The best of intentions, an amazing teacher with a wealth of knowledge, and a willing student just doesn’t always cut it. Sometimes you need more; this is when you need Elephant Learning. I know so many parents that get frustrated with math homework and end up spending thousands of dollars on tutoring when maybe the child just needs a boost from a proven math system.

As I shared with you before Elephant Learning guarantees at least 1 year of math in 3 months! To be honest I thought this was an exaggeration when we first started Elephant Learning. When we first started I would have settled for math without tears and issues, but in just 12 weeks our kids have surpassed what I ever thought was possible. Not only is math no longer a struggle, but they are now thriving with their math skills it’s been truly amazing.

Elephant Learning keeps my kids in-line with their math lessons without having to even work at it every day. Elephant Learning only had to be done 30 minutes a week! This means we can focus on other subjects though the day and if your child is in public school this can easily be done once they get home from school with 10 minutes a day 3 days a week.

Every week I can look at the parent dashboard to see what my kids have been learning and their progress. My son started out at 8.6 years and now is at 9.4 years; his real age is 9 so he is so happy to be ahead of his age. My daughter has struggled a lot but she has made so much progress with Elephant Learning. Her starting Elephant Learning age was 9.0 (real age 10.9) which was really hard for her to accept at first as she hates the idea of being behind, but she has now worked her way up to 9.9 and she is confident that she will get caught up to her real age soon. The Elephant Age has surprisingly been a huge motivator in them giving their best while using the system.

My big takeaway from using Elephant Learning is that math doesn’t have to be a struggle for any child and they can easily succeed with just using Elephant Learning 30 minutes a week. As a parent that’s all we want right? Want to see your child succeed in math? Check out what Elephant Learning can do for your child here.

This post is sponsored by Elephant Learning as always all opinions are my own.


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