Breaking the language barrier with Rosetta Stone

I hear all the time from friends, family and readers how they would love to visit a particular destination if only they knew the language a little better or at all. How often do we find ourselves intimidated by other languages? It should never hold us back though from exploring amazing new places! Learning key phrases and words or even becoming completely fluent is easier than ever with Rosetta Stone.

I used to think of Rosetta Stone as volumes of books and when I think of combing through books to learn a language, I immediately cringe. I know it might sound a little crazy to say that I don’t want to feel like I’m learning even though I am learning, but who really wants to feel like they are back in school? So I was super excited to see the Rosetta Stone app. This amazing all in one app has everything you need to learn a new language minus the headache and hassle. Rosetta Stone makes learning a new language easy, fun and bonus it’s incredibly affordable! No need to be intimidated any more by learning a new language, Rosetta Stone has you covered.

You don’t have to be a world traveler in order to use Rosetta Stone. The app is suited for just about anyone. I love the application for homeschooling. I feel that kids really need to be engaged when learning a new language and Rosetta Stone keeps our kids constantly interested. They love the games and showing off their new accent. Rosetta Stone uses many techniques to teach that make it a full learning experience and not just a test of memorization.

Kids can take the lessons at their own pace and will slowly start to see all of their accomplishments. This is the really thrilling part; when your child excitedly starts speaking what they have learned. Showing you how far they have come.

What really impressed me the most with Rosetta Stone was the complete immersion. It’s not just learning words, but it’s also reading them and getting your accent down. The Rosetta Stone TruAccent speech recognition allows you to speak the words you have learned and the app will let you know if you have it right. Pronunciation is a huge part of any language and this tool is crucial in learning any new language. Anyone can learn a few words; this is fully understanding the language.

Here are just a few more of my favorite features:

•    Phrasebook: Learn to speak key phrases used in real-life situations. Nothing obscure, just completely useful phrases.
•    Audio Companion: Extend your learning experience to where ‘speaking’ is not possible or desirable.
•    Stories: This feature is really cool! You can perfect your pronunciation by reading aloud a full story and comparing your voice to that of a native speaker. This is a really great way to test yourself and see how well you are doing.
•    Rosetta Stone Offline: Download a lesson to learn anywhere you go. No internet? No problem!

The structure of the courses immediately had me hooked. All the language courses are broken up into different topics like travel, shopping, work and school and more. So if there is a specific topic that you feel will apply to you more often you can purposefully brush up on those more.
The app is available in 24 different languages and the website offers 30! This is the most I have ever seen with any language system. Everything from Hindi to Greek and everything in-between can be found on Rosetta Stone.

If you feel like life is a little hectic already and learning a new language might just be adding too much to your already full plate you don’t have to worry because Rosetta Stone is so flexible you can fit it in anywhere. I practice anytime I am waiting for something else. It’s a whole lot more productive than just surfing the internet. On the train, getting a pedicure, in lines, making dinner or anywhere else.  You’ll be amazed how much you can learn!

With plans starting at just $5.99 a month now is the time to get started! Make 2019 the year that you learned a new language!


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