Learning Dynamics Reading System: The Stress Free Way to Teach Reading!

With the school season in full swing, our family has been looking into different resources that could be beneficial to our kids this school year. A struggle that we find ourselves coming back to and I believe a lot of parents have the same issue is keeping up with reading. Keeping kids reading at their grade level can prove difficult and not every child learns the same or is receptive to techniques used in the classroom. This year I knew we needed to turn to a system or program that is proven to help kids get ahead. I did my research and came across the Learning Dynamics Reading System.

Not only did the Learning Dynamics Reading System tick off all the boxes, but they had a four weeks to read promise that really intrigued me. As you know I love companies that really stand behind their products and I felt that this was definitely going to be the case with Learning Dynamics.

There are many areas of parenting that I am adamant on letting your kids take it at their own pace. For example: potty training. I’ve seen parents panicking if their child hasn’t hit this milestone by age 3! This is one of those areas where you just have to be patient, they will eventually get it down. I’ve never heard of a perfectly capable thirty year old still being potty trained! Now when it comes to reading that’s another story. While every child will start reading at their own pace, a love for reading has to be instilled while they are young. The Learning Dynamics Reading System does just that for young readers it makes reading fun and engaging and something they want to be able to do on their own.

There is no harm in introducing Learning Dynamics to your child early to get the ball rolling. We have been using the Learning Dynamics Reading System for just over four weeks now and it has been an amazing transformation. Reading gives kids a foundation to explore this big world even more! So much is closed off to you before you can read, but once kids can read with confidence they can tackle anything. We started using the Learning Dynamics Reading System 15 minutes a day 3 times a week and then sat down to read together every night. The Learning Dynamics Reading System comes with a CD with the alphabet song which kids will love.

We followed each lesson and I was amazed to see how fast she understood everything and even better how fast she started blending letters together. All the sight words are listed in every book so this makes it easy to know what words she might need some extra help with. She absolutely loves coloring in the pictures as she tells me all the letters. It’s been a really amazing experience so far.

While this is a fantastic system for early readers it can be a groundbreaking tool for struggling readers. It can be a huge struggle for parents and for the child when they struggle with reading and fall behind in the classroom. I remember as a child how often the teacher can call on you to read and if you don’t have the confidence to tackle those words it can be rough. Learning Dynamics can help a struggling child go from embarrassment to confident in a short time frame.

Each kit comes with the following:

Lesson Manual – This will help parents to know where to start and how to assist your child.
50+ Books – Kids will love how colorful and fun the stories are!
Music CD – This has so many fun songs encouraging kids to learn their letters.
Activity Book – This is where kids can color or draw the letters themselves.
Flashcards – As a parent I love flashcards I believe they are a great way to help kids learn. The Learning Dynamics flashcards are amazing and make the process even easier for kids to understand.

If you have an emergent reader or a struggling reader I can’t recommend The Learning Dynamics Reading System enough. Why not get a head start this year? Head over here to grab The Learning Dynamics Reading System and save 10% right now! Let me know what you think!

This post is sponsored by Learning Dynamics as always all opinions are my own.


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