Create Your Own Adorable May Day Baskets!

With Spring in full swing I wanted to share an adorable and cheap gift idea for your neighbors or anyone in your community! It's always nice to spread a little joy around and I can't think of a better way to do it then with flowers! 

These May Day baskets are a great way to introduce yourself to new neighbors or to let the old ones know how much you appreciate them. I have two different design ideas to share with you today and I honestly love them both. 

Akers of Love has made these cute May Day baskets and they are super frugal too!!

All you need is some jiffy pots (you can find some on sale here), flowers and some fabric and you can surprise neighbors and friends with these! Definitely a frugal but super thoughtful gift idea! These would be great for anyone you know. 

How to make these:

Make two holes, one on each side of the pot. You can easily do this with a hole punch. Make the hole big enough that you can get the fabric through, but not too big that the fabric won't hold. 2 hole punches side by side.  You also want to make sure that your hole isn't too close to the edge of the pot.

Plant your flowers.  Make sure to not fill it past the holes on the sides.  Now would be a good time to water them lightly. 


Cut out your gift tags and punch a hole at the top and string the fabric through.


Attach the fabric by tying knots on the inside of the pot and deliver! You can print the template below for your gift tags and sign your name at the bottom or leave anonymous as a random act of kindness: 


If you have a little more time on your hands this second idea is just as cute! 

What you will need:

How to make:

You can paint this before or after assembling, but I feel it would be easier beforehand. This way you won't miss any spots! If you come across white sticks this would make the task easier, but I have yet to find any. Rainbow popsicle sticks would also be great for this and make each flower basket a lot more colorful! You can grab some rainbow sticks here. 

Unless you have the tools handy, don't worry about making the arch on the bottom of these. They will be just as cute if they are flat on the bottom. Each side will need two braces to hold all of the sticks as you can see in the photo below. Place each stick the same distance apart and you can really have fun and play around with this creating as small or large of a flower basket as you want. After painting you can start gluing the sticks to the sticks to the braces and creating each side. Just make sure the pots on the inside are snug and won't fall out. You can also make a floor with the sticks if needed. You can tie fabric around these as well to make a handle if you like. Attach your tag and deliver! 

These will definitely be a hit with the neighbors and it will bring even a smile to your face as you walk down the street and see them proudly displayed. If you like this post make sure to hit the Pin-it button and share it with friends too!


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